Smooth Shifting, Ultimate Performance: Zipp’s 10 to 11-Speed Hub Conversion Kit

zipp 10 to 11 speed hub conversion kit for sram and shimano

The Zipp 10 to 11-Speed Hub Conversion Kit enables you to get seamless gear transitions and enhanced cycling performance.

This ingenious kit allows you to transform your 10-speed 188 road hub into a high-functioning 11-speed powerhouse. Crafted from forged aluminum, the kit includes a user-friendly free hub, end cap, bearing shield, and rear hub washers for a hassle-free installation process.

And today, we are reviewing this product. Once we are done, you will know this one is tailor-made for SRAM and Shimano enthusiasts.

Zipp 10 to 11-speed Hub Conversion Kit for SRAM and Shimano Key Features

Here’s a table summarizing the features and their descriptions of the Zipp 10 to 11-Speed Hub Conversion Kit:

CompatibilityDesigned for SRAM and Shimano drivetrains
Gear ConversionConverts 10-speed drivetrains to 11-speed
InstallationSimple and straightforward installation
Performance UpgradeImproved gear range and smoother shifts
Cost-EffectiveAvoids the need for a complete drivetrain upgrade
VersatilityCompatible with a wide range of bike models
DurabilityHigh-quality materials for long-lasting use
Cycling ExperienceEnhances overall riding experience
Market DemandPopular choice among cyclists seeking upgrades

Elevate Performance with Zipp’s Conversion Kit: Review

Zipp, renowned for its cutting-edge cycling solutions, introduces the 10 to 11-Speed Hub Conversion Kit, an ingenious upgrade that promises to revolutionize your cycling experience. And in this section, we are going to explore how it promises the best.

Seamless Compatibility: Elevate Your Drivetrain

Seamless Compatibility Elevate Your Drivetrain

Zipp’s 10 to 11-Speed Hub Conversion Kit is tailor-made for compatibility with their 188 V7 1-speed rear hubs, allowing riders to embrace the advantages of an 11-speed drivetrain.

By effortlessly transitioning from 10 to 11 speeds, cyclists gain access to a wider gear range, ensuring smoother shifts and optimal performance across varying terrains. Whether you’re conquering steep inclines or cruising along flat roads, this compatibility enhancement empowers you to conquer new challenges with ease.

SRAM and Shimano Compatibility: Embrace Versatility

SRAM and Shimano Compatibility Embrace Versatility

One of the kit’s most significant advantages lies in its compatibility with both SRAM and Shimano components. This means that regardless of your brand preference, Zipp’s conversion kit opens doors to upgrade your existing gear system to an 11-speed powerhouse.

Embrace versatility as you seamlessly integrate the kit with your preferred brand, allowing for endless customization possibilities and a tailored cycling experience.

Forged Aluminum Free Hub: Unyielding Durability

Forged Aluminum Free Hub Unyielding Durability

Quality is paramount in cycling components, and the Zipp conversion kit doesn’t disappoint. The materials used in the kit feel robust and well-built, instilling confidence in its long-term durability.

At the heart of the conversion kit lies a free hub crafted from forged aluminum. This premium material not only ensures lightweight construction but also guarantees exceptional durability over long miles.

Effortless Installation: Simplified User Experience

Effortless Installation Simplified User Experience

One of the most impressive aspects of this kit is its ease of installation. With clear instructions and all necessary components included, even someone with limited mechanical expertise like myself can perform the conversion without any hiccups.

The kit is designed to work seamlessly with both SRAM and Shimano drivetrains, eliminating compatibility concerns and catering to a wide range of cyclists.

Black and Silver Clinch Nut Compatibility: Personalize Your Ride

Black and Silver Clinch Nut Compatibility Personalize Your Ride

Cyclists love the freedom to personalize their bikes, and Zipp’s 10 to 11-Speed Hub Conversion Kit embraces this desire. With compatibility for both black and silver clinch nuts, riders can effortlessly match the kit to their bike’s aesthetics.

Not only does this compatibility add a touch of individuality to your ride, but it also showcases Zipp’s commitment to providing solutions that cater to diverse preferences.

Elevating Performance: Conquer Every Terrain

Elevating Performance Conquer Every Terrain

As the conversion kit transforms your 10-speed hub into an 11-speed powerhouse, the result is an elevated performance that redefines your cycling capabilities.

The transition from a 10-speed to an 11-speed drivetrain might seem subtle, but its impact on performance is remarkable. The increased gear range allows for smoother transitions between gears, ensuring a consistent cadence regardless of the terrain.

Not Compatible with Earlier Hub Versions: Ensuring Precision Usage

Not Compatible with Earlier Hub Versions Ensuring Precision Usage

While the conversion kit boasts remarkable compatibility, it’s crucial to note that it’s specifically designed for Zipp’s 188 V7 1-speed rear hubs. This attention to detail ensures precise usage, safeguarding against any compatibility issues with earlier hub versions.

By adhering to this specification, Zipp assures customers of a reliable and seamless upgrade experience without compromising on performance.


Q: Which Zipp rear hubs are compatible with the 10 to 11-Speed Conversion Kit?

A: The conversion kit is specifically designed for use with Zipp’s 188 V7 1-speed rear hubs. It is essential to ensure that your hub model matches this specification for proper installation and optimal performance.

Q: Can I use the conversion kit with other brands’ rear hubs?

A: The Zipp 10 to 11-Speed Conversion Kit is exclusively designed for use with Zipp’s 188 V7 1-speed rear hubs. It is not recommended for use with other brands’ rear hubs, as compatibility and performance may not be guaranteed.

Q: What benefits does the 10 to 11-Speed Conversion Kit offer for cyclists?

A: The conversion kit unlocks the advantages of an 11-speed drivetrain, providing a wider gear range for seamless shifts and enhanced performance. Cyclists can conquer different terrains with ease, whether it’s steep inclines, flats, or challenging trails.

Q: Is the conversion kit compatible with older Zipp hub versions?

A: The 10 to 11-Speed Conversion Kit is designed specifically for Zipp’s 188 V7 1-speed rear hubs. It is not suitable for use with earlier hub versions, such as 188 V6 or older models. Please ensure you have the correct hub version for proper usage.

Q: How does the forged aluminum-free hub benefit the overall performance?

A: The use of forged aluminum for the free hub provides two significant advantages: durability and lightweight construction. This robust material ensures that the conversion kit can withstand the demands of intense riding while maintaining an overall lightweight design for improved bike responsiveness.

Q: Can I use the conversion kit for both SRAM and Shimano components?

A: Yes, Zipp’s 10 to 11-Speed Conversion Kit is compatible with both SRAM and Shimano components. This versatility allows riders to seamlessly integrate the kit into their preferred brand’s gear system, offering a tailored cycling experience.

Q: Will upgrading to 11-speed affect my existing cycling setup significantly?

A: Upgrading to 11-speed with Zipp’s conversion kit may require slight adjustments to your current cycling setup. However, the benefits of an expanded gear range and improved performance make it a worthwhile investment for cyclists seeking to elevate their riding experience.


Of course, Zipp’s 10 to 11-Speed Hub Conversion Kit emerges as an exceptional addition to any cyclist’s arsenal.

Mainly, the use of premium materials like forged aluminum showcase Zipp’s commitment to engineering excellence.

If you’re seeking to unleash your cycling potential and conquer new horizons, the Zipp 10 to 11-Speed Hub Conversion Kit stands as a reliable, game-changing solution.

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