From Good to Great: Shimano Dura-Ace SM-RT900 Disc Brake Rotor

The Shimano dura ace sm rt900 disc brake rotor is here to elevate your cycling experience.

With the innovative ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA rotor, heat build-up is effectively minimized, ensuring sustained high-performance braking during steep downhill rides. The lightweight design further enhances your racing experience, while SHIMANO’s CENTER LOCK mounting system allows for easy installation and removal.

In this comprehensive review, we are mainly focusing on the key features that will help you come to a conclusion about whether you would want to purchase this product.

Shimano Dura-Ace SM-RT900 Disc Brake Rotor Key Features

Here’s a table that will give you a proper idea about this product in detail:

Feature / SpecificationDescription
Product NameShimano Dura-Ace SM-RT900 Disc Brake Rotor
Rotor TypeCenterLock Disc Rotor
CompatibilityDesigned for road and cyclocross applications
Rotor Size Options140mm, 160mm
MaterialStainless steel
Mounting SystemCenterLock
Heat ManagementFreeza technology with aluminum core for improved cooling
Rotor Design3-layer sandwich construction for better heat dissipation
WeightVaries based on size, approximately 110-120g
Recommended UseHigh-performance road and cyclocross riding
CompatibilityCompatible with Shimano Dura-Ace and other compatible
CenterLock disc brake hubs
Included in PackageRotor, lockring

shimano dura ace sm rt900 disc brake rotor Review: Ride Like a Pro

In our review, we’re just trying to focus on the remarkable features and undeniable benefits that this conversion kit brings to the table. From impeccable braking power to enhanced heat dissipation, this kit is designed to elevate your racing experience like never before.

Supreme Stopping Power

Supreme Stopping Power

The DURA-ACE SM-RT900 disc brake rotors are the epitome of consistent braking performance, granting you better control and unwavering confidence even in the most demanding race conditions. 

Well, the rotors are the most important features of this product. But don’t get mixed up with the farce.

The stainless steel braking surface, paired with an aluminum core, ensures exceptional durability, allowing you to push the limits without compromise. Say goodbye to worries about inadequate braking power during crucial moments of your race.

Heat Dissipation Perfected

Heat Dissipation Perfected

As the sun beats down on challenging downhill stretches, the ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA rotor takes the spotlight. It effectively reduces heat build-up in the brake system, allowing for continuous high-performance braking.

With a cutting-edge 3-layer construction, this rotor dissipates heat efficiently, preventing any loss in braking power during long descents. Experience the confidence of maintaining control even on the steepest slopes.

Easy Installation and Versatility 

Easy Installation and Versatility

The ease of installation provided by SHIMANO’s CENTER LOCK mounting system is unparalleled. Thanks to the spine mount and lock ring design, you can effortlessly attach and remove the rotors. This convenience becomes crucial during pre-race preparations or when swapping out components for maintenance.

Moreover, the compatibility with Dura-Ace BR-R9170 disc brake calipers and Shimano Ice-Tech brake pads ensures versatility and compatibility with various setups.

Lightweight Advantage for Speed

Lightweight Advantage for Speed

Every gram matters in racing, and the rotor has been crafted with lightweight materials to give you a competitive edge. Shedding unnecessary weight from your bike enhances your acceleration and agility, enabling you to achieve faster speeds and smoother handling.

Enhanced Heat Dissipation with the FREEZA Rotor

Enhanced Heat Dissipation with the FREEZA Rotor

The ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA rotor showcases impressive performance figures. It reduces heat by up to 50 degrees Celsius, allowing you to maintain consistent braking power even under intense riding conditions.

This breakthrough technology gives you the confidence to take on prolonged descents, knowing that your braking system is designed to handle the heat, quite literally.


Q: How does the ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA rotor contribute to improved heat dissipation?

Answer: The ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA rotor utilizes a cutting-edge 3-layer construction that efficiently dissipates heat during intense rides. This innovative design significantly reduces heat build-up in the brake system, ensuring consistent high-performance braking, even on the steepest downhill stretches.

Q: How much difference does the FREEZA rotor’s heat reduction make during long descents?

Answer: The FREEZA rotor’s ability to reduce heat by up to 50 degrees Celsius is significant. This substantial reduction in heat build-up ensures that your braking performance remains consistent and reliable during prolonged descents, providing you with the confidence to tackle challenging terrains with ease.

Q: How often should I replace the DURA-ACE SM-RT900 disc brake rotors?

Answer: The longevity of the DURA-ACE SM-RT900 disc brake rotors will depend on various factors, such as riding conditions, frequency of use, and maintenance. As a general guideline, it is recommended to inspect the rotors regularly for signs of wear and replace them when they are significantly worn down or damaged.


The Shimano dura ace sm rt900 disc brake rotor is a game-changer for avid cyclists and racing enthusiasts.

From the pinnacle in stopping power offered by the DURA-ACE SM-RT900 disc brake rotors to the groundbreaking ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA rotor’s exceptional heat dissipation, this conversion kit redefines performance on the race track.

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