Shimano Di2 BCR2 Charger for BTR2 Internal Battery

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Charger for Shimano Di2 internal battery. USB cord included. 

Charger does not double as diagnostics devise it is used for charging alone. 

Shimano Di2 Chargers.

  • ⋅ All Di2 components on the bicycle require the same firmware version
  • ⋅ Using Di2 components with different firmware versions may cause malfunctions
  • ⋅ For use with Alfine Di2, Dura-Ace 9070 and Ultegra 6870/6770 equipped bicycles
  • ⋅ SM-BCR2 Internal battery charger is specific to the SM-BTR2 internal battery (BA9070)
  • ⋅ Includes USB (SM-USB1) power adaptor
  • ⋅ Plugs into SM-EW90 cockpit junction boxes or SC-S705 display unit
  • ⋅ Use with PC to update Di2 component firmware and change system functions with software from