Online Bicycle Retail - 2018 Review

Posted by Clive de Sousa on 31st Dec 2018

The bikes are changing, the way we ride them is changing and how we sell them is changing. Ultimately, however, what works stays the same. Passion for good business and the feeling of riding that perfect bike are the drivers behind what we do here at Glory.

2018 was a huge growth year for us, inline with eCommerce in general but out of step with the bicycle industry that is closing out a year it would rather forget. Read it here Bicycle Retailer 2018 Top Stories   Back in 2001 when we opened Glory, we got a lot of push back from suppliers and manufacturers who were protecting the status quo by holding out against the way their end users wanted to shop. Some 18 years later the results confirm we were not delusional after all. We have completely bucked the trend and expect to see continued success with improved services and products for our followers in 2019.

We are upgrading our operating systems, growing our staff and adding some new brands. We are also committing to some of the brands that make us unique. Chapter 2, Suplest, IGPSport, Factor, Praxis but mostly we are concentrating offering you better service. 

Expect to see more personal attention on our social channels and eCommerce site. We know that a simple product listing with a stock image from the manufacturer no longer offers what you need to make an informed purchase decision. Look out for faster order turn around times as we use 2018 data to predict demand. Look out for more attention to warranty and after sales service as we add staff to make sure your needs are met.

As always look out for fantastic bikes, interesting and informative content. 

Thank you for contributing to what has been a fantastic year.