i9 Noise Adjustable Endcaps

Posted by Alder Martz on 22nd Apr 2020

i9 Noise Adjustable Endcaps

It’s not often that an April Fools joke becomes a reality, but that’s exactly what has happened with Industry9’s 2020 prank. When their April 1st video, featuring an adjustable, bluetooth enabled, hub volume knob called Frequency Adjust Ratchet Technology (or F.A.R.T.), was released, riders absolutely loved the concept! Be honest, you know at least three people who either love a silent or raucous free wheel. If you haven't seen the video, check it out:

Industry 9, being the super rad bike company they are, has decided to offer the Hydra FART end caps for a limited time. They are not bluetooth enabled and they do not change your hub's volume. However, they will take your bike to 11.

As if that wasn’t enough, $25 from each sale will be donated to the Asheville Musicians Relief Fund. This is a local fund setup to benefit musicians who have lost income due to the COVID virus outbreak.

This isn’t the first time that i9 has stepped up to help others. In late March, the company offered up their CNC machines and engineering team to assist in supply efforts for ventilator parts and PPE like masks and gloves.

The FART end caps will be on sale until noon on April 24. The end cap will fit Hydra and Torch rear hubs with 12mm axles only, excluding 12x135 and 12x150. You can pre-order them directly from i9 here.

If you want to support a Made-In-The-USA company with a perchance for giving back, you can shop our range of Industry Nine hubs, wheels, and more for road, mountain and gravel bikes.