Custom Paint A Ridley - It's Free!

Posted by Alder Martz on 24th Feb 2020

Custom Paint A Ridley - It's Free!

Since we were kids, we have wanted to customize our bikes. Perhaps it started with a playing card in the spokes or a pair of pegs. Maybe, you even got your hands on a spray can. Whatever the customization, it marked your bike as distinctly yours. Original. Unique. The one and only.

Flash forward and we still love to customize our bikes. Whether it’s #WeightWeenies upgrading to THM Clavicula cranks or #AeroIsEverything choosing a deeper set of wheels, our bikes are a reflection of self. We order name stickers, change the design of the bar tape, play with the colors of hubs and affix new decals to the rim because our individuality wants to stand out.

Bike companies know this. Trek was one of the first to offer ‘Project One’ custom painted frames. Now, bike brands such as Bianchi, Pinarello, Orbea, Factor, Colnago, and Wilier offer custom paint programs. Others, like 3T and Open, sell Ready-To-Paint frames, so your inner Picasso can come to light.

Typically these custom paint programs induce a $500 to $1000 USD upcharge. HOWEVER, until the end of February, Ridley is offering their Pure Line custom paint program for no extra charge! (PureLine designs consist of 2 color combinations. For a 3 color combo, called Customizer, Ridley is offering it at half price of €250.)

To promote this, some of Ridley’s professional riders on the Lotto Soudal team have been racing on their own designs.

Tim Wellen's custom painted Ridley Helium SLX Disc

John Degenkolb's custom painted Ridley Noah Fast Disc

So how do you take advantage of this incredible deal?

  1. Send us an email.
  2. Check out the Ridley lineup.
  3. Allow yourself to dream in the Ridley Customizer.

Incredibly, Ridley’s paint program applies to a huge selection of their catalogue! Road bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, cross bikes, even e-Bikes!

While this offer does end by February 28 2020, a custom painted Ridley is available 365 days a year.