Pro Falcon Carbon Anatomic Fit Saddle Black

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Pro has done it again with the Falcon Saddle, creating a saddle perfect for both winter base miles and for podium finishes on race day. Featuring a flat base this saddle is best for people with greater flexibility, and is constructed with lightweight EVA padding for optimal comfort and support. This saddle also utilizes carbon rails minimizing overall bike weight, giving you a competitive edge for races. 

  • Carbon reinforced base
  • Carbon rail 7x9mm
  • Super Lightweight EVA padding
  • PU cover
  • Diameter Rail: 7mmx7mm
  • Flat shape, best for very flexible body geometry
  • Lightweight EVA padding for optimal support and comfort
  • Smooth PU material to minimize friction with cycling shorts
  • Easily fits accessories like the PRO camera mount, fender etc.
  • Stiff and lightweight carbon reinforced polymer inmoulded construction
PRSA0218 Falcon Carbon saddle 132mm 174 gr Rail: 7mm x 9mm
PRSA0219 Falcon Carbon saddle 142mm 184 gr Rail: 7mm x 9mm
PRSA0220 Falcon Carbon saddle 152mm 194 gr Rail: 7mm x 9mm