Pinarello F10 Disk Frameset Red Magma 918

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Pinarello F10 Disk Frameset Red Magma 918
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Frameset Disc Brake
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Amazing bike in an amazing color the F10 Disc Red Magma stands out at any ride. The high gloss red is is like no other. 

The Final Choice in Super Bikes, the Pinarello Dogma F10 Disk.  As the major component and wheel companies perfect road disc technologies and actually make it available the road disc bike starts to become more attractive. We feel that the majority of road bikes are going to be the disc format in the future and it only makes sense to invest in disc going forward. 

Improved braking means some added weight but F10 builds come in so light that it seems the additional weight is a small penalty for the enhanced braking and safety disc brakes offer.

Everything you love about the F10 remains the same, with the addition of flat mount disk brake brakes, and a 12mm front and rear TA. 

Available as a frame only or a full custom build to your exact spec. Contact is to make it happen.