Pinarello Dogma FPX Magnesium Frameset

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Pinarello Dogma FPX Magnesium Frameset
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Frameset Rim Brake
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Unique in every way the Dogma is one of the only magnesium frames to make it market after magnesium was heralded as the material of the future for bicycle frames.

Why the dogma you ask ? simple answer would be to have a bicycle that not only performs like the best carbon bikes but is also handmade and does not have the “plastic” look and feel of carbon.

Ceramic coatings, such as Pinarello uses to prevent corrosion in the Dogma, are also recent innovations. Without this coating, magnesium is extremely susceptible to corrosion. This ceramic coating protects the frame both inside and out with an impenetrable layer of protection.

Available for 2009 as a frameset only or as a complete built dream bike from Glory Cycles.


$ 5499 Frame/Fork/Headset/Seatpost


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