Ignite Your Ride with the Most Talon Ultra 1K Aero Road Handlebar

the MOST Talon Ultra 1K Aero Road Handlebar

Be mounted onto the world of aerodynamic excellence with the MOST Talon Ultra 1K Aero Road Handlebar.

Crafted with precision to complement the Pinarello Dogma F12, this integrated carbon handlebar brings a whole new level of performance to your ride.

Experience enhanced steering response, thanks to an impressive 8% increase in rigidity compared to its predecessor.

Not only that, but the Talon Ultra is also 10% lighter, weighing in at a mere 390g. With seamless integration and a focus on aerodynamics, it’s the perfect match for the Dogma F12, elevating both strength and speed. 

Want to learn more about the Impressive Features and Benefits of the MOST Talon Ultra 1K Aero Road Handlebar? Well, stay with us as we break apart the features and benefits of this product one by one.

Most Talon Ultra 1k Aero Road Handlebar Key Features

Here’s a table describing the key features of the MOST Talon Ultra 1K Aero Road Handlebar:

Key FeaturesDescription
Integrated DesignThe handlebar features an integrated design, seamlessly combining the handlebar and stem for improved aerodynamics and a sleek appearance.
1K Weave CarbonConstructed from high-quality 1K weave carbon fiber, the handlebar offers excellent strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring durability and lightness.
Streamlined Cable RoutingCables are routed internally through the handlebar, reducing drag and enhancing aerodynamic performance by eliminating external cable interference.
Weight ReductionThe handlebar is designed to be lightweight, resulting in reduced overall weight of the bike, making it easier to climb hills and accelerate.
Increased RigidityWith a focus on performance, the handlebar offers increased rigidity compared to its predecessor, ensuring improved steering response and control.
Comfortable Hand PositioningThe handlebar features rounded aero flats, providing a more comfortable hand position for extended rides, offering better ergonomics and reduced hand fatigue.
Versatile Sizing OptionsAvailable in a range of sizes for both stem length and width, allowing riders to find the optimal fit for their preferences and riding style.
CompatibilityOriginally designed for specific bike models, the handlebar has expanded compatibility with select Pinarello Prince models, widening its range of use.
Sleek AestheticThe handlebar’s integrated design and internal cable routing create a clean and sleek aesthetic, enhancing the overall look of the bike.
Improved HandlingThe handlebar’s stiffness improvement contributes to enhanced handling, providing riders with increased stability and control, especially under demanding conditions.

Most Talon Ultra 1K Aero Road Handlebar: Details

The MOST Talon Ultra 1k Aero Road Handlebar is the perfect example of aero dominance. Here are the reasons why this handlebar gives you the desired aero dominance.

Enhanced Aerodynamics

By integrating the cables internally and eliminating them from the exterior of your bike, the Talon Ultra 1K significantly reduces air ripples and drag.

Plus, this streamlined design allows you to cut through the wind effortlessly, giving you a distinct advantage in races or high-speed rides.

Experience increased efficiency and speed as you glide along the road with minimized aerodynamic resistance.

Clean and Sleek Aesthetic 

Clean and Sleek Aesthetic 

The wireless cockpit design of the Talon Ultra 1K is both visually stunning and practical. With no cables protruding from under the bar tape, your bike’s cockpit looks clean, uncluttered, and professional.

Not only does this enhance the overall aesthetics of your bike, but it also ensures a distraction-free riding experience, allowing you to focus solely on the road ahead.

Reduced Aerodynamic Drag

Thanks to its cable integration and internal routing, the Talon Ultra 1K boasts a claimed 5% reduction in aerodynamic drag.

This means you can maintain higher speeds with less effort, ultimately leading to improved performance and potentially better race times.

Enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency and reduced fatigue as you push the limits of your cycling abilities.

Optimal Weight-to-Stiffness Ratio

Optimal Weight-to-Stiffness Ratio

The Talon Ultra 1K takes weight reduction to the next level, shedding a significant 10% of weight compared to its predecessor.

This reduction not only contributes to a lighter overall bike but also enhances your climbing and acceleration capabilities.

Additionally, the handlebar gains nearly 9% in stiffness, providing a more responsive and precise steering experience.

Stay Focused on Extended Periods

Stay Focused on Extended Periods

The Talon Ultra 1K features rounded aero flats, a design adjustment made based on feedback from Pinarello’s professional riders.

This slight modification provides a more comfortable perch for your hands when riding on the hoods or tops.

Experience a more relaxed and ergonomic hand position during long rides or when cruising at a steady pace.

The added comfort translates into less strain on your hands and wrists, allowing you to stay focused and comfortable for extended periods.

Maximized Performance with Customization

Maximized Performance with Customization

The integrated stem and bar combo of the Talon Ultra 1K comes in a wide range of sizes, catering to riders with different anatomies and preferences.

With stem lengths ranging from 90mm to 140mm and widths from 42cm to 46cm (center to center), you can achieve a precise fit that optimizes your riding position.

This customization ensures that you can achieve the ideal balance of comfort, aerodynamics, and control, maximizing your performance on the bike.

Versatility and Adaptability

Versatility and Adaptability

While originally designed for the Pinarello Dogma F12, the Talon Ultra 1K is now compatible with 2021 and newer Pinarello Prince models.

This compatibility expands the potential user base, allowing a broader range of cyclists to experience the benefits of this exceptional handlebar.

Whether you’re a competitive racer or a passionate enthusiast, the Talon Ultra 1K can enhance your riding experience, regardless of your Pinarello model.

An Edge on Competitive Races

An Edge on Competitive Races

The MOST Talon Ultra 1K Aero Road Handlebar excels, offering tangible benefits to riders of all levels. 

Whether you’re participating in competitive races, embarking on long-distance endurance rides, or simply enjoying spirited group rides, this handlebar enhances your performance. Its aerodynamic design reduces drag, allowing you to slice through the wind effortlessly.

Add in a bonus, the comfortable hand positioning ensures comfort during extended rides, and the customizable fit caters to your unique anatomy.


Q: What is the average width of motorcycle handlebars?

A: Handlebars for motorcycles typically have an average diameter of either ⅞ inch or 1 inch. To determine the exact width of your handlebars, measure from one end to the other using a measuring tape, ensuring an accurate measurement.

Q: What is the width of the most Talon handlebar?

A: The Most Talon Ultra Light handlebar is offered in three widths (400mm, 420mm, and 440mm) measured center-to-center. It also comes in six different stem lengths (90mm – 140mm), providing a wide range of options to accommodate various rider sizes and preferences.

Q: Does handlebar width matter?

A: Handlebar width does indeed matter. The width of your handlebars can affect your aerodynamic performance, with narrower bars typically offering a speed advantage. Transitioning from wider bars to narrower options, such as 42cm or 40cm, can potentially provide a boost in speed and aerodynamic efficiency.

Final Thoughts

With its streamlined cable integration, enhanced aerodynamics, and lightweight yet stiff construction, it offers a competitive edge on the road.

The comfortable hand positioning and wide range of sizing options ensure a personalized fit for optimal comfort and control.

Whether you’re a professional racer or a dedicated enthusiast, the Talon Ultra 1K elevates your cycling experience, unlocking your full potential with every ride.

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