Mavic Open Pro UST Shimano Dura-Ace Custom Wheel

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Mavic NEW Open Pro/Dura-Ace Custom Wheelbuild

Mavic’s venerable Open Pro--for decades the choice of top wheelbuilders--is back!  And it’s sporting some new tricks up its sleeve. Now wider, at 19mm internal, and UST tubeless, it’s still eyeleted, SUP welded, and light, weighing in at 420g per rim.

Paired with smooth rolling and nigh-indestructible Dura-Ace hubs, these are the ultimate everyday training wheels, while remaining phenomenally light and responsive.  In fact, in the 24/24 2-cross build, our set came in at 1466 grams--pretty exceptional for a wheelset with this level of dependability, serviceability, and great braking.  And did we mention classic good looks?

Available in the configurations below.  Contact us for further details or additional customization and build options.


Rims: Mavic Open Pro UST

Hubs: Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 

Skewers: Shimano Dura-Ace 

Spokes: Laser/Force or CX-Ray

Nipples: DT Prolock, alloy or brass

Tubeless: Mavic UST rim can be used tubeless or as a standard clincher. 

Lacing Configurations:

  • 24/24 - 2 Cross
  • 24/28 - 2 Cross
  • 28/28 - 2 Cross

Weight: 24/24 Laser/Force w/alloy nipple: 1466g