Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST Disc Brake Wheelset

Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST Disc Brake Wheelset
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With a new 45mm rim shape and Road Tubeless technology, this carbon disc-brake all-rounder boosts performance on all types of terrain. 

  • Weight: 1515 grams (Pair without tire)

Taller, wider rim profile improves aero efficiency.

45mm NACA rim profile, 28mm wide, optimized for 25mm tires, only possible when removing the constraint of the brake track.
20 only elliptical spokes (patented).
New slick 12mm only front hub.

Roll faster and smoother with a reduced risk of punctures.

No tube, no friction—less rolling resistance and higher speeds.
UST Road Tubeless lets you ride with lower tire pressure for a smoother ride quality.
Perfect union between tire and wheel, so installation, removal and maintenance are easy.

Disc-brake technology gives added braking control.

20 spokes front and 24 rear for optimized brake torque distribution. 
Full axle and freewheel compatibility.

This high-performance carbon all-rounder features a new, taller 45mm rim shape that minimizes drag.
It also has a wider external diameter (28mm) that optimizes the aero performance of 25mm tires.
Add in our UST technology, the most user-friendly tubeless road setup on the market, and a disc-brake specific build, and you have the most advanced, high-performance wheel for speed, puncture resistance and smooth-riding comfort on the road.
This updated wheel-tire system is now engineered with fewer spokes than the previous version (20 compared to 24) and those spokes feature a patented elliptical shape.
As a result, overall weight has been reduced 70g with no compromises to stiffness or strength.
Made specifically for disc brakes, the front spokes are crossed on each side of the hub to transfer the braking load to the ground without any flexing or wheel wobbling.
The rear wheel has Isopulse lacing (radial on the drive side) for maximum power transfer.
It’s built on the Instant Drive 360 hub, which offers fast freewheel engagement and compatibility with any kind of frame.
The wheel-tire system comes with Yksion Pro UST tires that provide a simple, hassle-free tubeless road setup with high rolling efficiency and maximum grip in all weather.

  • Tyre sealant syringe
  • Mavic tyre sealant (rear wheel)
  • Front QR Adapters
  • Rear QR Adapters for Instant Drive 360
  • Carbon brake pads
  • UST valve and accessories
  • User guide
  • Center Lock Only 
  • 12x100mm Front Axle
  • 12mm Thru Rear Axle 
  • Shimano/Sram Freewheel