Look E-POST 2 Road Seatpost

Look E-POST  2 Road Seatpost
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Look e-post 2 for Look 795 road bike. 

Works for both Selle Italia Monolink and conventional rails - both hardware included. 

Suitable for the 795 and 795 Aerolight frames, the E-Post 2 seatpost is fully isolated from mini-impacts and vibrations by 3 elastomer blocks. Two of them are placed inside and secure the seatpost inside the frame. They can be expanded by tensioning the adjustment bolt with only a quater-turn.

This solution is much more durable for carbon than a conventional collar requiring higher tightening torques. The third elastomer block is placed between the frame and the post. This elastomer is inserted 40mm inside the seat tube and forms a 9mm thick pad outside.

Elastomer blocks absorb the vibrations through a slight inflection of the seatpost backwards, thus greatly improving cyclist comfort. The most flexible elastomer (grey) provides the same deformation ratio as a conventional LOOK Ergopost 4 seatpost at maximum height. High deformation = maximum comfort. The use of three elastomer grades of different densities make it possible to adjust the vibration transmission. The firmest elastomer: the black colour grade provides the same deflection as the 2007 Road E-Post, with only one 3-mm elastomer to filter the vibrations. The two other elastomer units (grey or red) provide greater vibration dampening.

The seatpost is an abutment against the frame and secured, eliminating any possibility of slippage. As the E-Post 2 and integrated seat tube sections are not round, the saddle remains fully aligned at all times.

All E-Post 2 comes with a bracket for a Shimano Di2 internal battery. This part is located under the E-Post 2 and makes it possible to clip your battery very easily. A rubber washer is also supplied to hold the bottom of the battery and prevent it moving laterally, which could create unpleasant noise. These 2 parts are also available independently for cyclists who already have an E-Post 2. The seatpost can be adjusted backwards over a 30mm distance, i.e. - 5 to - 45mm from the seat tube centre line. This is not a reversible E-Post. Adjustment is easy with only one easily accessible Titanium bolt