Fi'zi:k Kurve Bull Saddle - 7x9 Carbon Mobius Rails

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Fi'zi:k Kurve Bull Saddle - 7x9 Carbon Mobius Rails
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Fizik Kurve Bull. Fizik Aliante Kurve Saddles. A saddle that adapts to your every twist and turn. Kurve for Bull.
⋅ Bull: Those with less flexibility are not able to easily accomplish the high performance cycling position. To reach this position the pelvis rotates forward dramatically forcing the hips back. In this position, the rider's weight is directed to the genital area
⋅ Wing Flex: shell flexes downward where the inner thigh contacts the saddle allowing more efficient pedalling and full-range movement
⋅ Twin Flex: Kevlar/carbon shell is bonded to a stiff outer shell and provides a hammock-like feeling; sweet spot for pressure distribution in the perineal region
⋅ Mobius Carbon Braided Rail: a circular rail construction eliminating pressure points and providing flex Interchangeable tension system allows riders to customize saddle flex by changing the nose piece
⋅ Integrated Clip System: tool-free interface in the saddle base that allows quick attachment and removal of fizik packs and blink lights (ICS is found on all saddles unless noted)

Dimensions:265mm x 142mm
Rail:Mobius Carbon