Factor O2 Limited Edition Bardet

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Factor O2 Limited Edition Bardet
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The FACTOR O2 is now available in two Limited Edition colorways, to celebrate FACTOR’s collaboration with AG2R La Mondiale in the 2018 Tour de France. Both framesets feature a special finish, with the top tube, seat tube, front and rear ends showing the raw carbon material. The carbon finish is combined with special colors and details:

  • The Bardet Limited Edition (limited production of only 200 framesets) combines the carbon areas with Sterling Silver paint for a lightning fast looking bike that follows Bardet’s motto “Take the Risk or Lose the Chance”. The artwork also features Bardet’s regional hero Vencitogerix as well as Bardet’s talisman mountain Le Puy de Dome.

Limited Edition framesets have numbered plates to certify their uniqueness.

The bikes are available as a rim or disc brake chassis and will come with color-matched Black Inc Water Bottle Cages and painted-to-match Barstem, in addition to FACTOR's standard chassis spec with a Black Inc Seatpost, and CeramicSpeed headset and bottom bracket.


Think back on the qualities you’ve most admired in the bikes you’ve ridden. If you’re anything like us, that list includes rock-solid handling at speed, confidence in corners, comfort over those roughest roads, stiffness as you gut out a sprint and a fit that didn’t require a million spacers or a custom stem.

The people responsible for how the O2 rides all raced at the ProTour level. This is the bike they wish they had when they were racing. We know first-hand how important solid handling is. We also know that a bike can be too stiff and what that will do to a body when you’re racing for five or six hours a day for days on end.

What we’ve found is that it’s important for a bike to have enough stiffness. Rather than use one steerer dimension for all sizes, we have size-specific tubes and layups so that the feel of our largest frame is the same as the feel of our smallest frame. The O2 is meant to impart an experience, not a look.

Even though the O2 doesn’t share the aerodynamic goals of the One, that doesn’t mean we’ve ignored aerodynamics altogether. From the smooth transitions and rounded tube shapes, the lack of sharp edges was a conscious decision to design a bike that performed without compromise without simultaneously giving the bike an aerodynamic flaw that would hurt its rider’s quest for speed.

There’s more to a great carbon fiber frame than just designing a great shape and using good materials. The O2 is a study in the dark art of layup. Not only do we choose particular materials for their ability to contribute to the bike’s stiffness and ride quality, we cut them to exacting standards and place them in carefully selected locations, making sure the layers overlap no more than necessary; extra fiber is a waste, both in performance and weight.

Without such careful attention to detail we wouldn’t be able to produce a frame that weighs 740 grams that is stiff enough to contest Paris-Roubaix and strong enough to still be rideable after a crash.


Our attention to detail on the O2 is absolute, from precisely controlling the material and resin production process, right down to everyday practical detailing that ensures that assembly and maintenance are as refined as the ride itself:

  • UCI legal
  • Our frame laminate design and manufacturing process ensures that we put the waste into the garbage can and not into the frame; using a computer programme called Fibersim, each layer is specifically cut to minimise any overlaps or extra materials where they are not required. The result: the strongest, lightest frame possible.
  • The O2 frame is made with three different carbon types, each selected for different performance characteristics. Standard Modulus, Medium Modulus and High Modulus Pitch Fibre. While the first two are common to the cycling industry the last – the Pitch Fibre – is far more rare because it demands specific skills to work with, and comes at a relatively very high cost. But we use it simply because it’s the lightest and stiffest carbon available for bike frames that can be manipulated.
  • The O2’s Svelte fork uses a 1-1/8″ to 1-3/8″ tapered steerer, an organically blended fork crown/headtube junction, and sculpted lowers that all combine to minimise the surface area of the fork, yield ultra low weight and be laterally stiff: the Svelte delivers a compliant ride that, together with wider, higher volume tyres (the Svelte is designed to clear 28c+ tyres) will smooth even the harshest pavé.
  • The O2 Dura Ace comes with a choice of an integrated bar/stem option for the optimum balance of lightweight, comfort and improved aerodynamics, or with traditional stem and handlebar option to maximise bike fit. The integrated system is extremely light, has a minimal frontal area, and is very comfortable. It comes with a removable direct-mounted Garmin computer mount, and is available in 15 possible permutations of width/stem length options for a precisely tailored fit comprising five stem length options: 90, 100, 110, 120 and 130mm; and three bar width options: 400, 420 and 440mm.
  • The O2 has ample tyre clearance to allow the comfort and performance benefits that come from using wider, higher profile tyres – up to 28c.
  • The hidden seatpost clamp contributes to the O2’s clean and uncluttered aesthetic and improves aerodynamics.
  • The BBright bottom bracket system is extremely light, exceptionally stiff and is compatible with the majority of aftermarket cranksets, including: BBright, BB386 EVO, standard Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo 24mm external-type cranks.



  • Frame: RGi Carbon construction, tapered/shaped 1-1/8″ upper and 1-3/8″ lower head tube, compact pro race geometry, internal cable routing
  • Fork: RGi Carbon, Svelte
  • Headset: Ceramic Speed with Ceramic Speed/Factor top cover
  • Bottom Bracket: Ceramic Speed PF30 24mm bearings standard, 30mm bearings optional
  • Saddle: fi’zi:k Arione R1 Carbon
  • Stem: Black Inc
  • Handlebars: Black Inc.
  • Tape: Factor Hi Grip tape