Enve 3.4 AR Rim Set

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Enve deliver the utmost in 700c performance with the AR 3.4 

Hookless bear allows for the tire to seat easily with set up tubeeles and presents the tire in the perfect shape. The absense of the hooked bead prevents the balloon shape for larger tires. 

The SES 3.4 AR is a truly modern road wheel, offering an aerodynamic advantage over the competition for riders who prefer the benefits of 28-32mm tires.

The SES 3.4 AR is the embodiment of the modern disc brake only road wheelset. Aerodynamically optimized for high volume tires (28-32mm), lightweight for long days in the mountains, high volume for all roads, and arguably the most versatile wheelset we’ve ever made.

Rim Weight  394g each    781g Pair 


Depth 39mm 43mm

Internal Width 25mm 25mm

External Width 32mm 32mm

Hole Count 24 24

Effective Rim Diameter 578 571

Aero Optimized Tire Size (ONLY TUBELESS-READY TIRES MAY BE USED ON THESE RIMS) 28c-32c 28c-32c