The Future of Braking: Cane Creek eeBrake G4

cane creek eebrake g4 direct mount road caliper pair

The Cane Creek eeBrake G4 Direct Mount Road Caliper Pair is a groundbreaking braking system designed by eeCycleworks and distributed in partnership with Cane Creek.

This fourth-generation caliper delivers unparalleled performance and design, making it the go-to choice for cyclists seeking exceptional stopping power.

With its 100% CNC machined parts, lightweight build, and optimized cable alignment, the eeBrake G4 sets new industry standards. And its aerodynamic advantage, ease of use, and precision make it a game-changer, promising a cycling experience like no other.

If you are thinking about purchasing this one but can’t come to a conclusive decision, we can help you. This detailed review should help you.

Cane Creek eeBrake G4 Key Features At a Glance

Here’s a table describing the key features of the Cane Creek eeBrake G4 Direct Mount Road Caliper Pair:

Key FeatureDescription
CNC Machined PartsEvery component of the caliper is precision-engineered using CNC machining, ensuring top-notch quality and performance.
Optimized for 22-28mm RimsThe caliper’s design is tailored to fit rims within the 22-28mm range, enhancing overall braking performance.
Stiffer Black Arch SpringThe improved arch spring provides increased stiffness, resulting in better modulation and enhanced stopping power.
One-Piece Center AdjusterThe revised one-piece center adjuster incorporates built-in resistance, making brake performance adjustments effortless.
Ghosted Laser EtchingThe elegant ghosted laser etching enhances the caliper’s appearance, adding a touch of sophistication to its design.
Exceptional Power-to-Weight RatioThe caliper’s lightweight build delivers extraordinary stopping power without compromising overall weight.
Perfect Cable AlignmentThe all-new titanium cable adjuster ensures optimal cable alignment during brake actuation, providing consistent and friction-free braking power.
Cross Cable PathThe Cross Cable Path aligns the brake cable over the center of the caliper, improving aerodynamics and minimizing drag.
Tool-less AdjustabilityThe patented “Link” pad travel proportioning system allows for tool-less adjustability, ensuring precise and consistent pad motion.
Quick-Strut ReleaseThe Quick Strut release feature allows for easy and quick wheel removal, simplifying tire changes and maintenance.

Cane Creek eeBrake G4 Direct Mount Road Caliper Pair Review

Once we are finished with our explanation, you’ll understand why we are so fascinated by this bike.

Unparalleled Performance

Unparalleled Performance

The eeBrake G4 is a testament to the relentless engineering efforts of eeCycleworks.

Its 100% CNC machined parts and optimized design for 22 – 28 mm rims ensure enhanced performance and a stiffer black arch spring, along with a revised one-piece center adjuster with built-in resistance, enables achieving optimal brake performance with ease.

The addition of ghosted laser etching adds an elegant touch to the overall design, ensuring long-lasting aesthetics.

Remarkable Power-to-Weight Ratio

Remarkable Power-to-Weight Ratio

The eeBrake G4 sets new standards in the industry with its extraordinary power-to-weight ratio.

Weighing in at half the weight of its competitors, it offers exceptional stopping power without compromising on lightness.

On top of that, the increased overall stiffness of the G4 model provides better modulation and more power, allowing riders to maintain complete control in any riding situation.

Perfect Cable Alignment

Perfect Cable Alignment

One of the standout features of the eeBrake G4 is its perfect cable alignment.

The all-new titanium eeBrake cable adjuster optimizes cable alignment during brake actuation, ensuring even and friction-free braking power for consistent and reliable stopping performance.

And The extended cable housing also eliminates added friction, enhancing the smoothness of the braking experience.

Aerodynamic Advantage

Aerodynamic Advantage

For riders focused on speed, the eeBrake G4’s Cross Cable Path provides a significant aerodynamic advantage.

By aligning the brake cable over the center of the brake, it creates a clean and graceful line while moving the cables into the “wind shadow” of the frame.

This design maximizes efficiency and minimizes drag, making a real difference in overall performance.

Easy Precision

Easy Precision

The eeBrake G4 is designed with ease of use and precision in mind.

The tool-less adjustability and patented “Link” pad travel proportioning system allow for super precision and pad motion consistency, eliminating pad rub and constant re-centering.

And the simplified maintenance process allows riders to focus on enjoying their ride without unnecessary hassle.

Quick and Simple Wheel Removal

Quick and Simple Wheel Removal

The eeBrake G4 makes wheel removal and brake pad replacement quick and simple.

The Quick Strut release allows a simple flip of the lever to open the brake wide enough to clear a tire up to 28 mm, facilitating easy wheel changes.

 Additionally, the patented pad system, which uses Shimano-style pads, enables pad installation and removal without the need for tools, saving time and effort.

The Cane Creek Advantage

The Cane Creek Advantage

The collaboration between eeCycleworks and Cane Creek ensures that the eeBrake G4 benefits from additional resources in production, distribution, and marketing.

Cyclists worldwide can easily access these exceptional brakes, backed by Cane Creek’s reputation and expertise in innovation and quality.


Q: What type of bikes is the eeBrake G4 compatible with?

A: The eeBrake G4 is designed for road bikes and is compatible with frames that have direct mount brake mounts.

Q: Can I use the eeBrake G4 with different rim widths?

A: Yes, the eeBrake G4 is optimized to work with rims ranging from 22mm to 28mm in width, providing excellent performance across this range.

Q: How does the eeBrake G4’s stiffer black arch spring improve braking?

A: The stiffer black arch spring enhances overall brake modulation, providing riders with better control and more stopping power.

Q: Does the eeBrake G4 come with the necessary hardware for installation?

A: Yes, the caliper pair includes all the required hardware and instructions for a straightforward installation process.

Q: Can I use the eeBrake G4 on my aero road bike without sacrificing aerodynamics?

A: Absolutely! The eeBrake G4’s Cross Cable Path aligns the brake cables over the center of the caliper, optimizing aerodynamics and minimizing drag.

Q: Are the brake pads easy to replace on the eeBrake G4?

A: Yes, the caliper uses a patented system that allows for quick and easy pad replacement without the need for any tools.

Q: What makes the eeBrake G4 stand out from other high-performance road brakes?

A: The eeBrake G4 boasts unparalleled power-to-weight ratio, perfect cable alignment, and tool-less adjustability, providing an unmatched combination of performance and user-friendliness.

Q: Can I use the eeBrake G4 on a gravel bike or cyclocross bike?

A: While the caliper is optimized for road bikes, it might be compatible with certain gravel or cyclocross frames that have direct mount brake mounts. However, it’s best to check with the manufacturer or a bike mechanic to ensure compatibility.

Q: Is the eeBrake G4 easy to maintain?

A: Yes, the caliper’s design simplifies maintenance. The tool-less adjustability and easy wheel removal feature make it convenient for regular maintenance tasks, allowing you to focus on enjoying your rides with confidence.

Final Opinion

The Cane Creek eeBrake G4 Direct Mount Road Caliper Pair is a true game-changer in the world of cycling brakes.

With its unparalleled performance, lightweight design, and user-friendly features, it has set new standards for high-performance road brakes.

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