Cane Creek AER Headset for Pinarello F8, F10 and Prince FX

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Sold as a set for Pinarello F10, F8, 65.1, K10, K8 and Prince FX 

Lightweight alloy cups with ACB steel race bearings for top and bottom. The AER-Series hybrid Steel/Aluminum maintains the quality and durability our bearings are known for, while shaving 35% of the weight.

Moving from the standard steel bearings to the AER saves 20g - not a race winning delta but nice to know you have it. 

The Cane Creek crown race has a rubber seal that seals the bearing against the elements keeping water and dust out, a considerable upgrade to the OE version supplied by Pinarello

The top bearing compression ring fits deeper into the top bearing and ensure vertical and horizontal compression is optimal.


  • Compression Ring. 
  • Top bearing 41.8mm, 45 x 45 Degree
  • Bottom Bearing 52mm, 45 x 45 Degree
  • Crown Race.