3T Strada Due TEAM Stealth Frameset

3T Strada Due TEAM Stealth Frameset
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Designed specifically for aerodynamics, the new 3T exploro is coming to conquer a race, gran fondo, or strava segment near you. 

The 3TDue differs from the other 3T road bikes in that is can accommodate a 2 x electronic road groupset. The designers at 3T identified the need or the front derailleur current lack of components that satisfy in the 1 x road category. Smart move or 3T conceding flaws in the 1 x idea behind the 1 x road bike it's no matter given the 3T Strada Due is a fantastic bike and possibly the most advanced machine on the road right now.

It’s pointless to have an aero road bike that tests fast with 21mm tires when you run it with 25’s. Or even worse, when the 28’s or 30’s you want to run don’t even fit. The STRADA solves that by starting out with wider tires and then designing the aerodynamics around it. 

Revised with a 2 x drive train the Due has a front derailleur adapter and can be used with any electric group. 1 x or 2 x 

When 3T launched the STRADA, we also said it was our answer to “What will a road bike look like in 5 years?” Why did we say 5 years and not today? Because we know that some technologies and people need a bit of time. So 1x already works great for some people and some groupsets (mostly SRAM and some Shimano). Yet in other situations, 2x is still preferred (especially with electronic groupsets; Shimano Di2, SRAM eTap or Campagnolo EPS).

The frame weighs 970 grams. The Fundi fork is 390grams.

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