Going the Distance with Zipp 30 Course Disc Brake Wheelset

zipp 30 course disc brake tubeless clincher wheelset

In the ever-evolving world of cycling, Zipp has consistently been at the forefront of innovation and technology.

Their latest offering, the Zipp 30 Course Disc Brake Tubeless Clincher Wheelset, has garnered attention for its impressive performance and versatility.

Its wide rim provides improved comfort and traction, while the tubeless-ready design opens up opportunities for experimentation and enhanced puncture resistance. On top of that, the wheelset’s sturdiness and repairability make it a sound investment for long-term use.

In this review, we will explore the wheelset’s features, benefits, and drawbacks, offering the insights you need to make an informed choice.

Zipp 30 Course Disc Brake Tubeless Clincher Wheelset Key Features

Here’s a table describing the key features of the Zipp 30 Course Disc Brake Tubeless Clincher Wheelset:

Key FeatureDescription
Disc BrakeThe Zipp 30 Course wheelset is equipped with disc brake compatibility, ensuring reliable and consistent stopping power.
Tubeless ClincherWith a tubeless clincher design, this wheelset offers reduced rolling resistance, improved traction, and fewer flats.
Aero ProfileThe wheelset boasts an aerodynamic profile, reducing drag and enhancing overall efficiency during high-speed rides.
Durable BuildCrafted from robust materials, the Zipp 30 Course ensures longevity, making it an excellent investment for cyclists.
Versatile TerrainDesigned for various terrains, this wheelset adapts to both smooth roads and challenging surfaces, delivering stability.
Wide Rim WidthFeaturing a wide rim width, the Zipp 30 Course accommodates larger tires for enhanced grip and smoother ride quality.
LightweightDespite its durability, the wheelset remains lightweight, minimizing rotational mass and improving acceleration.
Precise HandlingRiders can enjoy responsive and precise handling, thanks to the well-engineered construction of the Zipp 30 Course.
Stainless Steel SpokesThe wheelset utilizes stainless steel spokes for increased strength and reliability, reducing the risk of spoke failure.
Stylish DesignThe Zipp 30 Course wheelset boasts an attractive and modern design, adding a touch of sophistication to any bike setup.

Zipp 30 Course Disc Brake Tubeless Clincher Wheelset Review

This wheelset has versatility and compact features that makes it another great wheelset on the market for the following reasons.

Design and Construction

Design and Construction

The Zipp 30 Course Disc Brake Tubeless Clincher Wheelset is a testament to Zipp’s commitment to quality and performance.

The wheelset features a 30mm alloy rim with a toroidal shape and parallel brake tracks, derived from Zipp’s Firecrest 202. And the external width of the rim measures 25mm, offering ample space for wider tires and increased comfort.

The wheelset utilizes 18 straight-pull spokes for the front wheel and 24 spokes for the rear wheel, providing optimal strength and stability.

Not to mention that, the spokes are made of Sapim CX-Rays, known for their low weight and high tensile strength. The 77/177 hub set, Zipp’s newest design, offers quick and easy servicing and compatibility with various axle standards, including through axles.

Performance on the Road

Performance on the Road

The Zipp 30 Course wheelset impresses with its exceptional performance. The wide rim provides a smooth and comfortable ride, with plenty of traction in corners. And the sturdiness of the wheelset instills confidence, making it suitable for both on-road and off-road adventures.

While it may not be the lightest wheelset on the market, it offers a steady and reliable performance on long rides and undulating terrains.

One noteworthy feature of the Zipp 30 Course wheelset is its compatibility with tubeless tires. This feature is especially beneficial for gravel riders, as it allows for lower tire pressures and increased puncture resistance.

For road riders, the tubeless-ready design offers the opportunity to experiment with the system and potentially reap the benefits of improved rolling resistance and comfort.

Braking and Handling

Braking and Handling

The Zipp 30 Course wheelset’s machined brake track ensures consistent and efficient braking performance in dry conditions. The glassy smooth surface of the brake track, coupled with high-quality brake pads, offers reliable stopping power and modulation.

In terms of handling, the 30 Course wheelset performs admirably. Its 26mm tall rim is designed to minimize the impact of crosswinds, providing a stable and predictable ride.

Also, Zipp’s wind tunnel testing has shown that the Firecrest rim profile offers a mild reduction in aerodynamic drag, contributing to a smoother and faster ride.

Repairability and Customization

Repairability and Customization

One often overlooked aspect of factory-built wheelsets is their repairability. The Zipp 30 Course wheelset, unlike some proprietary systems, allows for easy replacement of rims and spokes.

The common drillings and non-proprietary spoke system ensure that owners can source aftermarket components at a fraction of the cost of a new wheelset. This repairability adds value and extends the lifespan of the product, making it a more sustainable investment.

Additionally, Zipp offers a range of customization options for the 30 Course wheelset. Buyers can choose between Campagnolo or Shimano/SRAM freehub bodies, and the disc brake version comes with axle caps to accommodate various through axles.


Q: What tire sizes are compatible with the Zipp 30 Course wheelset?

A: The Zipp 30 Course wheelset is compatible with a wide range of tire sizes, typically ranging from 23mm to 32mm, allowing you to choose tires that best suit your riding preferences and terrain.

Q: Can I use the Zipp 30 Course wheelset with rim brake bikes?

A: No, the Zipp 30 Course wheelset is specifically designed for disc brake bikes. It is not compatible with rim brake systems due to its specific construction and compatibility requirements.

Q: Are tubeless tires included with the wheelset, or do I need to purchase them separately?

A: The Zipp 30 Course wheelset does not come with tubeless tires. You will need to purchase them separately. However, the wheelset includes tubeless-ready rims and compatible valves to make the setup easier.

Q: Can I use the Zipp 30 Course wheelset for off-road or gravel riding?

A: Yes, the Zipp 30 Course wheelset is versatile and can handle off-road and gravel riding. Its wider rim width and tubeless compatibility make it suitable for various terrains.

Q: Are replacement parts, such as spokes or hub bearings, readily available for the Zipp 30 Course wheelset?

A: Yes, Zipp provides excellent support and ensures the availability of replacement parts for their wheelsets. You can contact their customer support or authorized dealers for any required spare parts.

Q: Does the Zipp 30 Course wheelset come with a warranty?

A: Yes, Zipp offers a limited warranty on their products, including the Zipp 30 Course wheelset. The warranty duration and coverage may vary, so it’s essential to review the warranty details provided by the manufacturer.

Q: How do I set up the Zipp 30 Course wheelset as a tubeless system?

A: To set up the Zipp 30 Course as a tubeless system, you’ll need tubeless-ready tires and sealant. Remove the standard rim tape, install the tubeless valve, and mount the tubeless tires.

Add the recommended amount of sealant, inflate the tires, and check for any leaks. Detailed instructions can be found in the wheelset’s user manual or the manufacturer’s website.

Our Final Thoughts

The Zipp 30 Course Disc Brake Tubeless Clincher Wheelset is a versatile and reliable option for cyclists seeking a high-performance wheelset that can handle a variety of terrains.

Whether you’re a road cyclist looking to venture off the beaten path or a gravel rider seeking a dependable wheelset, the Zipp 30 Course is worth considering.

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