Wheels Manufacturing Derailleur Hanger - 87

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Wheels Manufacturing hangers are stiffer than almost any OEM hanger, which improves durability and shifting performance.

  • OEM hangers are only produced by a handful of manufacturers, mostly in Taiwan and China. As a result, you will see many bikes with exactly the same hanger. Bicycle manufacturers may make mid year changes. Please use the hanger photos to select the proper hanger for your application.
  • These hangers DO NOT INCLUDE attachment hardware
  • CNC machined 6061 aluminum
  • Black anodized finish
  • Made in the USA
  • See below "Tech" link for known fitments

Derailleur hanger for: 

Bianchi 2013-2014 Vertigo
Bianchi 2015 Zurigo
BMC 2012-2013 Impec
DeRosa 2009 3-THL
DeRosa 2009, 2011 Idol
DeRosa 2012 RS (King)
Fondriest 2003 P4
Fondriest 2010 MX4
Fuji 2007-2008 Aloha CF 1, 2
Marin 2007-2008 Stelvio (all)
Marin 2007-2009 San Marino
Masi Various
Ridley Boreas
Ridley 2004-2009 Damocles
Ridley 2004-2009 Helium
Ridley 2004-2009 Pegasus
Ridley 2009 Asteria
Ridley 2009 Crosswind
Ridley 2010 Orion
Ridley 2010-2011 Cheetah
Ridley 2010-2011 Phaeton
Ridley 2010-2012, 2015 X-Ride
Ridley 2011 Icarus SLS
Ridley 2011-2012 Icarus
Ridley 2011-2012 Yana
Ridley 2012 Phaeton T
Ridley 2015 Fenix (Alloy)
Ridley 2015 Liz (Alloy)
Teschner 2008 Diva
Teschner 2008 Euro Pro
Teschner 2008 Race Pro