Vittoria Terreno Mix G Plus Tubeless Cross Tire

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 Vittoria Terreno Mix G Plus Tubeless Cross Tire
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Tubeless cross tire available in three widths for various applications. Vittoria’s new Terreno Mix features a more traditional design that balances speed with mud clearance and traction. 

The side tread on the Terreno features a block with a split tail that serves multiple functions. The block is very rigid, but the tail of it is nice and soft. If you were to look at that V formation on the tire, you can kind of connect the dots between the ones that have that swallowtail on them. That gives you a nice firm block that stays in place as you want it to, but at the same time, that edge is nice and compliant and kind of squishy. It works sort of like a sipe, but it’s just a different way to accomplish that.

The sidewall is a 120 TPI casing. The TNT with the gray sidewall has a bit of a sidewall reinforcement, which also helps when running low air pressures and it helps avoid burping and increases durability and longevity without sacrificing performance.

Casing: 320 TPI Corespun
Available in 3 sizes 
700 33c Tubeless Ready (TNT) Anthracite Sidewall 33-622 420g 111.3I3.32.33.611HD  
700 38c Tubeless Ready (TNT) Anthracite Sidewall 40-622 500g 111.3I3.32.40.611HD
700 31c Tubeless Ready (TNT) Anthracite Sidewall 31-622 380g 111.3I3.32.31.611HD

Whether in Gravel or Cyclocross, one thing is for certain… course conditions are constantly changing. When you roll up to the start line, be confident knowing that you have the performance advantage of the Terreno Mix all conditions tread, no matter the terrain. At the heart of the design is a fast rolling center ridge, which is designed to minimize rolling resistance, while still providing confident braking traction. Cornering and off camber work is confidently handled by alternating open shoulder lugs. These lugs are shaped to allow a supple feel for pavement and hardpack surfaces, while still offering a solid effective edge for grass and loam terrain. The exclusive 3C Graphene compound structure places 3 unique compounds where you need them most, adding to the performance.