Break New Speed Barriers with Vittoria Qurano 60C Carbon Clincher Wheelset

vittoria qurano 60c carbon clincher wheelset

If you’re in the market for a set of carbon clincher wheels that offer exceptional performance, the Vittoria Qurano 60C Carbon Clincher Wheelset is worth considering.

These wheels are an impressive offering from Vittoria, a company that has a reputation for producing high-quality bike components.

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Qurano 60C carbon clincher wheelset, exploring its features, benefits, and performance.

Vittoria Qurano 60C Carbon Clincher Wheelset Key Features

Here’s a table describing the key features of the Vittoria Qurano 60C carbon clincher wheelset:

Key FeaturesDescription
Exceptional StiffnessThe carbon clincher wheelset is renowned for its exceptional stiffness, resulting in a responsive and lively ride. The innovative use of Graphene G+ technology, combined with an asymmetric construction and straight pull spoke lacing, ensures remarkable rigidity. Riders can confidently conquer challenging climbs and descents, pushing their limits with enhanced confidence.
Improved Braking PerformanceThe wheelset addresses the common challenge of carbon rims heating up and causing brake fade or delamination. Thanks to the integration of Graphene G+ technology, the Qurano 60C wheelset significantly reduces temperature build-up in the rim. This results in more consistent and reliable braking performance over extended periods, enhancing safety and control for riders.
Enhanced Cornering and HandlingWith its wider rim profile and optimized tire width, the Qurano 60C wheelset offers enhanced cornering and handling capabilities. Cyclists can navigate even the tightest corners with confidence, as the design provides increased stability and grip. Additionally, the wider rim profile reduces rolling resistance, resulting in improved speed and efficiency on flat terrains.
Easy Maintenance and CustomizationVittoria has prioritized user convenience by incorporating the SwitchIT freewheel design and SpeedLock internal rim profile. Swapping out freehubs and mounting tubeless tires become effortless tasks. These features make maintenance and customization quick and straightforward, allowing cyclists to tailor the wheelset to their specific needs without hassle.
Exceptional Performance and ReliabilityIn the real world, the Qurano 60C wheelset showcases exceptional performance and reliability. Its stiffness and responsiveness deliver a thrilling riding experience, making it ideal for challenging terrains. The integration of Graphene G+ technology and straight pull spoke lacing ensures durability and consistent performance, even under demanding conditions.

Vittoria Qurano 60C Carbon Clincher Wheelset: Review

These Wheelsets are here to help you unleash the best in you. And ensuring exceptional performance, these wheelset offers some of the best features on the market. For example:

Exceptional Stiffness

Exceptional Stiffness

One of the standout features of the Qurano 60C wheelset is its exceptional stiffness, which greatly enhances the riding experience.

The combination of Graphene G+ technology and asymmetric construction contributes to its rigidity, providing a responsive and lively ride. Cyclists will appreciate this stiffness as it instills confidence to tackle challenging climbs and descents with ease.

Furthermore, the wheelset’s straight pull-spoke lacing design adds to its durability, ensuring consistent performance even under demanding conditions.

Improved Braking Performance

Improved Braking Performance

Carbon clincher wheels often face challenges regarding braking performance, but the Qurano 60C addresses this concern effectively.

With the implementation of Graphene G+ technology significantly reduces the temperature build-up in the rim during braking, resulting in consistent and reliable stopping power over extended periods.

Thus, cyclists can now enjoy enhanced confidence and control, knowing that the braking performance remains reliable and predictable throughout their rides.

Enhanced Cornering and Handling

Enhanced Cornering and Handling

The Qurano 60C wheelset’s wider rim profile and optimized tire width contribute to improved cornering and handling capabilities. Cyclists can confidently navigate tight corners, thanks to the enhanced stability and grip provided by these design features.

Additionally, the wider rim profile minimizes rolling resistance, leading to increased speed on flat surfaces.

These combined benefits result in a wheelset that excels in a variety of riding conditions, providing a thrilling and enjoyable experience.

Easy Maintenance and Customization

Easy Maintenance and Customization

Vittoria has prioritized ease of maintenance and customization with the Qurano 60C wheelset.

The SwitchIT freewheel design simplifies the process of swapping out freehubs, allowing riders to adapt the wheelset to their specific needs easily.

Additionally, the SpeedLock internal rim profile facilitates hassle-free tubeless tire installation, saving time and effort. These user-friendly features make the Qurano 60C a versatile and convenient choice for cyclists who value customization and convenience.


#1. Are clincher wheels good?

Ans: For the majority of cyclists, particularly beginners, clincher wheels are highly recommended. They offer ease of use, affordability, and convenience in terms of tire changes. It’s more practical to keep spare tubes on hand rather than spare tubular tires.

#2. Can clincher wheels be tubeless?

Ans: Clincher tires can be mounted on tubeless rims, even with the use of tubeless tape. However, not all rims have the flexibility to be used for both tubeless and clincher setups.

While HUNT rims are compatible with both, some manufacturers’ rims are specifically designed for clincher/tube use only.

#3. Which is faster tubular or clincher?

Ans: Tubular wheels are generally faster due to their lighter weight compared to clinchers. They offer advantages such as reduced risk of pinch flats, the ability to use higher tire pressures, and a lower likelihood of the tire coming off the rim in case of punctures.

Final Opinion

For cyclists who value durability, responsiveness, and enhanced control, the Qurano 60C wheelset is a compelling option.

Vittoria’s commitment to easy maintenance and customization with features like SwitchIT freewheel design and SpeedLock internal rim profile further elevates its appeal.

If you’re in search of a carbon clincher wheelset that delivers exceptional performance and reliability, the Qurano 60C is undoubtedly worth considering.

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