Velocomp Powerpod ANT+/BLE with Powerstroke Left/Right Pedal Efficiency

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The ultimate bike intelligence power meter.


  • PowerPod is the only power meter that attaches to your handlebars--no need to change or modify your crank, wheel, pedals, or bottom bracket - no glue, no water bags
  • Measures both legs’ power, delivering accuracy on par with “gold standard” power meters costing 5 times as much, and accuracy superior to one-leg power meters
  • PowerStroke feature helps you ride more efficiently and economically, by measuring left/right, front/back and side/side accelerations and wasted motion
  • Exclusive wind measurement/analysis helps you ride smarter in the peloton and on solo training rides
  • The only power meter that moves effortlessly from bike to bike, using its GoPro-style mounting system
  • Uses Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with any BLE/ANT+ bike computer
  • Incredibly simple to set up; attach it to your handlebars, pair it to your ANT+ bike computer, then ride
  • Works on road bikes and mountain bikes
  • Stores bike/rider information for up to four different bikes
  • PowerPod technology has been proven refined over hundreds of thousands of miles of real-world cycling, with over 11 years of continuous improvement
  • Free Isaac software for PC/Mac allows direct download of PowerPod ride data including power, wind speed, bike speed, cadence, elevation, hill slope, CdA, and more

How to Activate the Powerstoke Key Upgrade:

  • Clever Training will send you a proof of purchase confirmation email
  • Once you receive your PowerPod, install free Isaac Software for Mac/PC (instructions included)
  • Use Isaac Software to obtain the serial number of your PowerPod (serial number is stored in PowerPod memory)
  • Send an email to with Clever Training Proof of Purchase and serial number of your PowerPod
  • Velocomp will email you a software key that unlocks the PowerStroke feature
  • Use Isaac software to install key in your PowerPod
  • PowerStroke feature is now permanently enabled in your PowerPod

What's in the Box:

  • Black PowerPod sensor
  • PowerPod handlebar mount (Combo Garmin/PowerPod mount is optional)
  • USB charging cable
  • Installation instructions