Time Alpe D'Huez 01 Rim Brake Frameset (Red/White)

Time Alpe D'Huez 01 Rim Brake Frameset (Red/White)
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Frameset Rim Brake
Alpe D'Huez 01
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Where lightness and stiffness meet. The new Alpe d'Huez bike is the lightest bike that TIME has ever created. But it is also competitively stiff for power efficiency as well as those surpise uphill attacks, responsive and precise for mountain descents and comfortable for long days in the saddle.

Alpe d'Huez 01 is the lightest bike that TIME has ever developed: -8,6% less than its predecessor, the Izon. To achieve this, we have developed a brand new optimized structure. The carbon braids, developed according to the desired mechanical characteristics allowed for the removal of the finishing fabric. These braids are meticulously positioned on the frame and remain apparent in the finished frame. A new thinner and lighter seat was also developed to match this new frame. 


TIME worked on the lightness of the Alpe d'Huez bike, while improving the stiffness characteristics. This gives more than 25% on the stiffness/weight ratio compared to its predecessor, Izon. You will feels liveliness, responsiveness and power when pedaling. To achieve these characteristics, we have been working with high modulus fibers, a BB386 bottom bracket and a directlink seat tube to allows better energy transfer. The sloping geometry of the frame has been adapted for performance in the mountains. The Alpe d'Huez is the ideal bike for this type of terrain, responsive on the climb and precise on the descent. 

3km of fibers to build a
Time bike

Thanks to our RTM and braiding of carbon fibers technologies, we have a very wide choice of different braids. All our braids have very precise mechanical characteristics. They come from many studies, especially on the choice of fibers used for their manufacture. This results in unique sensations perceived during the pedaling movement.

7300 carbon braids are needed to make a TIME frame. We have a wide choice in the type of wire used and a very high precision in the positioning of the son on the frame. We choose exactly what type of wire for which braid and which part of the frame. We thus obtain very precise mechanical characteristics according to our expectations.

73 braids are used for the manufacture of the frame. The structure is thus homogeneous and the fibers remain continuous on the structure. This results in a better transfer of mechanical properties.

Performance and 


We always considered that performance and comfort are inseparable. The comfort allows a rider to be more powerful, over a long period of time. This belies is why TIME is constantly developing its innovations to bring more comfort every day. 
Technical Information
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Fork Carbon RTM Alpe d'Huez 01 Fork, CMT inserts (Carbon Matrix Technology)
Frame Full Carbon RTM Alpe d'Huez 01 frame
Geometry Racingdrive Geometry with lower headtube (-9mm)
Headset Integrated TIME Quickset, adjustment system with independant mounting of the stem and adjustment of the headset
Main size XXS-XS-S-M-L-XL
Materials Carbon fibers braided, HM Fibers (high modulus), vectran fiber
Weight 840 g