Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Bartape Dual Color

Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Bartape  Dual Color
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Supacaz Super Sticky is the absolute favorite here at Glory and the multi colored tape works very well for so many bikes. 

One color at the top and the other at the bottom with color coded bar end plugs. 

  • Includes: 2-Super Sticky Kush tape rolls, 2- Aluminum Laser Etched Powder Coated Star Plugz, 2- High End Rubberized Finish Tapes
  • Material: PU - Length: 2160mm Width: 30mm Thickness: 3mm
  • Super Sticky PU (top layer): Superior hand feel with long lasting performance
  • Extremely tacky advanced polyurethane that remains tacky in wet conditions
  • Highly resistant to UV rays, climate, and sweat
  • Kush Foam (middle layer): Exclusive compound that maximizes the Kush feel from the thinnest amount of foam
  • Shock absorbing qualities that drastically improve bike handling in the corners, downhill, and in rough conditions
  • Star Plugz: 100% aluminum bar plugs