Stan's Grail MK3 Disc Brake Rim

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Cross, Gravel, road disc - this is the ultimate alloy rim. It's stiff, aero has a great bead for tubeless (can be used with conventional clincher) and the decals can be removed as well. 

24.1mm external and 20.3mm internal widths featuring Stan's deepest profile (24.5mm)

The most aerodynamic rim Stan's has ever made rivals much deeper designs in the wind tunnel, but is designed to be much more than just fast in a straight line

Variable wall thickness spoke bed maximizes durability and ensures consistent spoke tension while keeping weight low

Internal rim channel and true BST sidewalls combine to lend additional strength and create a tire profile that's simply faster

Fully tubeless compatible with 2 layers of 21mm or 25mm yellow tape and 44mm valve stem

Size 700c x 24.1mm

Color Black
Hole # 24, 28, 32
Brakes Disc Brake
Weight 460g
ISO 622 x 20.3
ERD 590
Tape Width 21mm