SRM Power Control 7 Standard Unit

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Complete your SRM Training System with the race-proven PowerControl 7. Used by Tour De France and Ironman winners, the PC7 is standard equipment on the handlebars of professional cyclists and triathletes around the world.

  • Weight: 68g
  • Battery: 130h (expected battery life of a full charge cycle)
  • Real Time Display: Power (W), Cadence (rpm), Speed (mph/kph), Heartrate (bpm), Energy (kJ), Training Zones, Intervals, Temperature (°F/°C), Altitude (ft/m), Ride Time, Daytime Clock. Also displays average and maximum of each value.
  • Interval of storage: 0.5 – 5 seconds
  • Memory: 130 hours (@ 1 second interval)
  • Dimensions: 62mm x 65mm x 20.25mm (W x H x D)
  • Downloadable: Yes, via integrated Mini-USB interface
  • Software Compatibility: SRMWin Software and Training Peaks WKO+ (Windows) / SRMMac Software and (MAC™)
  • Device Compatibility: SRM Wireless PowerMeter, ANT™ and ANT+Sport™ Heartrate Straps and Speed pods, ANT™ Cadence pods, ANT+Sport™ Combined Cadence and Speed pods