SRAM XX1 Eagle Groupset Review

SRAM XX1 Eagle Groupset

SRAM XX1 Eagle groupset is a true masterpiece thanks to its exceptional gear system. Boasting a trifecta of qualities: remarkable lightness, flawless shifting, and complete customizability, this groupset stands at the top.

With the XX1 Eagle, you have the freedom to not only achieve the smoothest shifting experience but also personalize it to match your bike’s aesthetics. Designed for top-tier race bikes and those who dare to dream, this groupset seamlessly integrates with all Eagle gear ranges, delivering a hushed, intuitive, and precise ride.

Today, let’s have a look at the main features of this groupset. We will break down the parts and give you a good idea of whether it’s a good choice.

SRAM XX1 Eagle Groupset Key Features

Here’s a table with all the key features of the SRAM XX1 Eagle groupset:

Integrated Drive SystemOptimized 1x drive system for optimal performance
Lightweight ConstructionDesigned to be the lightest and most powerful drivetrain
Customizable OptionsFreedom to combine with any component within the expanded Eagle ecosystem
XX1 Eagle X-SYNC CranksetCarbon crankset optimized for cross-country and trail applications
XX1 Eagle Rear DerailleurUpdated cage geometry for better chain retention and crisper shifting
XG-1299 Eagle CassetteProvides a massive 520-percent gear range
XX1 Eagle Trigger ShifterAdjustable carbon trigger and cover for weight reduction
XX1 Eagle ChainGroundbreaking design with improved wear resistance

SRAM XX1 Eagle Groupset

This groupset offers seamless shifts across a massive range. Is that all? Of course not. Let’s find out in our detailed review.

Boasts An Integrated Drive System

The XX1 Eagle groupset is part of SRAM’s revolutionary integrated drive system. It has been meticulously designed, tested, and proven to deliver optimal performance for riders on any trail.

Boasts An Integrated Drive System

This system is renowned for its lightweight construction, incredible power, and impressive durability. Moreover, it offers the freedom to combine components within the expanded Eagle ecosystem, ensuring compatibility and flexibility.

Carbon Crankset

The SRAM XX1 Eagle X-SYNC Carbon Crankset is a game-changer for cross-country and trail riders. Its optimized crank-arm design strikes the perfect balance between performance and versatility.

With SRAM’s CARBON TUNED™ crank technology, you get an oversized DUB spindle, ensuring compatibility with various bottom bracket standards. Explicitly designed for Eagle™ chains and drivetrains, the X-SYNC™ chainring provides a quieter and more durable performance. What’s more, the mud clearance is wonderful.

With its carbon construction and Boost version for a 52 mm chain line, the XX1 Eagle X-SYNC Carbon Crankset elevates your riding experience to new heights.

Derailleur Performance

The SRAM XX1 Eagle™ Rear Derailleur sets a new standard for performance and precision. Its optimized cage geometry ensures reliable chain retention and crisp shifting, even in demanding off-road conditions.

Moreover, the rear derailleur is compatible with both the 10-50t and the new 10-52t cassettes, offering versatility for riders seeking a wide range of gear options. Thanks to the advanced Eagle™ pulley technology, it delivers improved efficiency, smooth gear transitions, and quieter operation.

SRAM XX1 Derailleur Performance

Crafted with a carbon cage and lightweight hardware, the XX1 Eagle™ Rear Derailleur strikes the perfect balance between durability and weight savings, making it a top choice for riders seeking optimal trail performance.

Expansive Gear Range

The groupset offers an expansive gear range for riders seeking ultimate versatility. With its impressive 520-percent gear range.

SRAM’s this cassette is compatible with XD™ Driver Body and features tooth options ranging from 10 to 52 teeth, allowing riders to fine-tune their setup for specific terrains.

Whether you’re seeking blistering speed on flats or conquering steep ascents, the XG-1299 Eagle™ Cassette delivers the perfect combination of gear ratios. 

Responsive Shifting Performance

The SRAM XX1 Eagle Trigger Shifter offers precise and responsive shifting with its adjustable carbon trigger and cover. Designed with weight reduction in mind, it ensures a lightweight feel without compromising durability.

Furthermore, the shifter’s XX1 Master colorway seamlessly matches other components within the Eagle Color system. It can be discreetly clamped or mounted using Matchmaker-X™ for a clean and streamlined handlebar setup.

Responsive Shifting Performance

Whether you’re tackling challenging terrain or seeking optimal performance on race day, the XX1 Eagle Trigger Shifter provides a reliable and ergonomic shifting experience for riders of all levels.

Improved Chain Resistance

The chain on this groupset has been completely re-engineered using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

A smooth chain guiding and increased longevity gives the groupset a massive advantage. Not to mention, its unique design and construction make it one of the quietest, strongest, and most wear-resistant chains in the world.

Real-life Scenarios 

When tackling technical trails, the precise shifting and wide gear range of the XX1 Eagle ensures riders can easily conquer obstacles and maintain momentum.

Whether it’s climbing steep ascents, navigating technical descents, or sprinting on flat sections, the XX1 Eagle groupset empowers riders to push their limits and achieve peak performance in any real-world cycling scenario.


#1. XX1 vs xo1 – which one is better?

Ans: Both the XX1 and X01 groupsets offer similar performance, with XX1 being slightly lighter weight.

#2. Will the chain on XX1 last longer?

Ans: The XX1 chain from SRAM’s Eagle drivetrain is known for its durability and longevity. So, you can expect it to last a long time.


The SRAM XX1 Eagle groupset represents the pinnacle of drivetrain excellence, offering exceptional design, innovative technology, and outstanding performance.

Its lightweight construction, customizable options, and seamless integration within the Eagle ecosystem make it a top choice for riders seeking optimal shifting performance and reliability.

While the groupset may come at a higher price point, its exceptional quality and reliability justify the investment for avid cyclists and enthusiasts.

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