SRAM S-900 Hydro Time Trial Disc Brake Lever & Caliper set

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The S-900 caliper is Flat Mount Only, and 160mm or 140mm centerline x rotors are recommended. Rotors are not included. 

For Aero disciplines, hydraulic disc brakes can reveal a whole new world of speed savings. 

Less time slowing down means more time going fast. Better brakes mean faster splits, thanks to confidence inspiring brake performance

Disc brakes allow optimization of the most critical frontal area of the bike frame - the fork crown/headtube/downtube interface - for aerodynamics

Hydraulic road disc brakes (HRD) also require less hand effort to actuate and provide shorter braking distances and easier changes between wheelsets. 

The S-900 HydroT concept is SRAMS first Hydraulic Road Disc Brake Platform for TT and Tri bikes. Highlights include

  • Optimized power and modulation for Tri and TT
  • Self-advancing pistons account for brake pad wear
  • Consistent performance in all conditions
  • No brake adjustment for different rim or tire widths
  • Responsive lever feel for better control, featuring a light lever stroke with distinct contact point and snappy return
  • Class-leading heat management technologies including a head shield, insulated aluminum pistons, and a wider pad
  • Front and rear brake lever and caliper included in the set