SRAM Rival HRD 1x Gravel or Road Groupset Review

SRAM Rival HRD 1x Gravel Groupset

In a world where technological advancements continue to redefine the cycling landscape, SRAM has undoubtedly left an indelible mark.

With their groundbreaking AXS system, they revolutionized the industry. And the HRD 1X 12-speed groupset is a testament to that promise.

While it may not boast the same wireless capabilities as its AXS counterpart, the Rival 1×11 mechanical groupset offers unparalleled value in the market. A new bike equipped with SRAM Rival 1×11 signifies a significant leap from entry-level affordability to elevated performance.

Furthermore, it presents a compelling option for revitalizing an older bike, breathing new life into its performance.

Stay tuned to delve into the remarkable features and benefits of the SRAM Rival HRD 1x Gravel or Road Groupset in the next section.

SRAM Rival HRD 1x Gravel/Road Groupset Specifications

Here’s a table describing the key features of the SRAM Rival HRD 1x Gravel/Road Groupset:

Key FeaturesDescription
Shift/Brake LeversErgonomically designed shift/brake levers for precise and responsive shifting and braking
Rear Derailleur1X-specific rear derailleur for simplified drivetrain setup and improved chain retention
CassetteWide range cassette options for versatile gear ratios and smooth gear transitions
ChainHigh-quality chain for efficient power transfer and durability
CranksetStiff and lightweight crankset with narrow-wide chainring for optimal chain retention
Bottom BracketDurable bottom bracket with sealed bearings for smooth and reliable performance
Brake CalipersHydraulic disc brake calipers for consistent and powerful braking performance
Brake TypeHydraulic disc brake system for reliable and responsive braking
CompatibilityCompatible with other SRAM 11-speed components for seamless integration
1X SpecificDesigned specifically for 1X drivetrains, providing simplified and reliable shifting
Gravel/RoadVersatile groupset suitable for both gravel and road cycling applications
ErgonomicsComfortable and ergonomic design for enhanced control and long-distance riding comfort
WiFLi TechnologyAllows for a wider gear range without sacrificing performance, ideal for hilly or challenging rides
WeightLightweight construction for improved overall bike weight and efficiency
DurabilityHigh-quality materials and construction for long-lasting performance and reliability
Recommended UseIdeal for gravel and road cycling, offering reliable shifting, powerful braking, and durability

Review: SRAM Rival HRD 1x Gravel or Road Groupset

Now that you have an overall idea about the groupset from the table listed above, let’s describe the main parts in detail:

Design and Modulation 

No doubt, this groupset is a final output of thoughtful engineering. The shifter hoods offer a comfortable grip, making long rides more enjoyable.

Also, the hydraulic disc brakes showcase a sleek and fully sealed system, featuring forged aluminum calipers and steel-backed organic pads.

SRAM Rival HRD Design and Modulation

In addition to that, the modulation of the brakes is exceptional, providing precise control and allowing riders to confidently navigate varying terrains.

Simplistic Versatility

The SRAM Rival HRD 1x Gravel or Road Groupset excels in its simplistic versatility. By adopting a single front chainring and a wide-range rear cassette, it offers a streamlined and efficient riding experience.

This setup is perfect for situations where frequent gear switching is not necessary, providing a straightforward and hassle-free riding solution.

Whether you’re a crit racer looking for a broader selection of gearing options or a rider seeking simplicity and performance, this should be your top priority.

Wide Range Rear Cassette

With options like the impressive 10-42 configuration, SRAM ensures that riders have the ideal gearing for any terrain.

By eliminating the need for a second or even third chainring, this groupset provides simplicity without sacrificing versatility.

The wide range of gears allows for seamless transitions and empowers riders to conquer challenging climbs and maintain higher speeds on flat stretches.

Flexible Chainring Options

The single chainring in the SRAM Rival Groupset is available in a wide range of sizes, ranging from 38 to 50t, and even up to 54t on the Force variant.

Not to mention, different tooth counts for the chainrings to provide a range of gear ratios.

This allows riders to tailor their gearing to suit their specific needs, whether it be conquering steep climbs or maintaining higher speeds on flatter terrain.

Distinctive Shifter Design

One of the standout features of the SRAM Rival HRD 1x Gravel or Road Groupset is its distinctive shifter design. The shape of the upper part of the shifters is unique.

SRAM Rival HRD Distinctive Shifter Design

Just in case, you’re covering flat miles or conquering challenging terrain, the ergonomically designed shifters ensure a comfortable and responsive shifting experience.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The SRAM Rival HRD 1x Gravel or Road Groupset features hydraulic disc brakes that are truly a thing of beauty. With their fully sealed system and forged aluminum disc calipers, these brakes provide unrivaled stopping power and reliability.

The steel-backed organic pads ensure consistent and responsive braking performance in any weather conditions. Also, the modulation of these brakes is nothing short of exceptional, allowing for precise control with just a single finger.

Whenever you’re descending steep hills or navigating technical sections, the hydraulic disc brakes of the SRAM Rival HRD 1x Groupset inspire confidence, giving you the peace of mind to push your limits and ride with unwavering control.

Front Crankset Design

The front crankset design of the SRAM Rival HRD 1x Gravel or Road Groupset embodies both weight savings and simplicity.

Utilizing a single chainring reduces complexity while providing efficient power transfer. The X-SYNC tooth profile engages the chain earlier, ensuring reliable performance in challenging conditions.

Roller Bearing Clutch and Cage Lock Technology

Setting the SRAM Rival HRD 1x Gravel or Road Groupset apart is its Roller Bearing Clutch and Cage Lock Technology.

Roller Bearing Clutch and Cage Lock Technology

The roller bearing clutch ensures optimal chain tension, reducing chain slap and noise for a quieter ride. This feature enhances stability and chain retention, especially on rough terrains.

Additionally, the Cage Lock Technology simplifies wheel changes by holding the rear derailleur in place, making maintenance and adjustments a breeze.

Standout Features

The ability to switch between gears seamlessly, even during critical moments in races, makes it a popular choice for crit racers.

For riders transitioning from entry-level setups or looking to upgrade their existing bikes, the SRAM Rival 1x Groupset provides a notable performance boost without compromising on affordability.

However, it’s important to note that riders with smaller hands may find the long-shift lever of the SRAM Rival Groupset challenging to reach.

Additionally, the boxier and taller design of the hydraulic disc brake system may differ from the sleeker aesthetics of some Shimano setups.

Real Scenarios

The SRAM Rival HRD 1x Gravel or Road Groupset excels in various situations. For crit racers, the wide selection of gearing options across the rear cassette enables seamless gear changes without losing momentum, giving them a competitive edge.

Cyclists seeking an upgrade or looking to reinvigorate their older bike can benefit from the simplicity and high performance offered by the Rival 1×11 setup.

Whether you’re tackling challenging gravel paths or embarking on long road rides, the SRAM Rival HRD 1x Groupset’s versatility, precise shifting, and reliable hydraulic disc brakes provide the confidence and performance needed to conquer any ride with ease and enjoyment.


Q. Can the SRAM Rival HRD 1x Groupset be installed on older bike frames?

Ans: Yes, the groupset can be installed on older bike frames, making it a great option for upgrading and reinvigorating your existing bike with modern performance and functionality.

Q. Are there any compatibility issues with other components or wheelsets?

Ans: The SRAM Rival HRD 1x Groupset is compatible with a wide range of components and wheelsets.

Q. Is the SRAM Rival HRD 1x Groupset easy to maintain?

Ans: The groupset is designed with user-friendly maintenance in mind. Regular cleaning and lubrication of the drivetrain, as well as periodic adjustments, will help maintain its performance and longevity.


The SRAM Rival HRD 1x Gravel or Road Groupset has proven itself as a remarkable choice for cyclists seeking a versatile, high-performance, and value-packed option.

With its simplistic yet efficient design, wide-range rear cassette, distinctive shifter design, hydraulic disc brakes, and innovative technologies, it offers a compelling package.

Considering its competitive price, durability, and positive real-life performance, it can recommend the SRAM Rival HRD 1x Groupset to riders looking to elevate their cycling experience with a reliable and exceptional component set.

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