Sram Red 22 11sp Road Groupset Review – Gear Up for Cycling Excellence!

SRAM Red 22 11sp Road Groupset

Explore the full potential of your road cycling experience with the SRAM Red 22 11sp Road Groupset.

This extraordinary ensemble of precision-engineered components is designed to elevate your performance to new heights.

Featuring the remarkable SRAM Red 22 Rear Derailleur, YAW Front Derailleur, and Chain, this groupset ensures seamless and lightning-fast shifting through its 11-speed configuration.

The XG-1190 Cassette provides a wide range of gear options, while the YAW Crankset delivers unmatched power transfer and compatibility with BB30 systems.

Let’s explore the remarkable features that make the SRAM Red 22 11sp Road Groupset a true game-changer, including the Brake/Shift Levers, Aero Link Brakes, and BB30 Ceramic Assembly Bottom Bracket.

Get ready to experience road cycling like never before.

Sram Red 22 11sp Road Groupset – Features Table

Here’s a table highlighting the key features of the SRAM Red 22 11sp Road Groupset:

Rear Derailleur11-speed, Short Cage
Front DerailleurYAW Technology, Braze-on, Chain Spotter
Chain11-speed, 114 Links, HollowPin, PowerLock
Cassette11-speed, 11-26T
CranksetYAW Technology, 172.5mm, 53-39T, BB30 Compatibility, No Bearings
Brake/Shift Levers11-speed
Front and Rear BrakesSRAM Red Aero Link
Bottom BracketBB30 Ceramic Assembly

Sram Red 22 11sp Road Groupset Review

Packed with innovative features and boasting impeccable design and functionality, this groupset caters to the needs of professional racers and avid enthusiasts alike. Let’s dive into its key features and explore how it stands out from the competition.

SRAM RED 22 Rear Derailleur (11sp, Short Cage)

The rear derailleur is the heart of any drivetrain, and the SRAM RED 22 delivers smooth and precise shifting.

SRAM RED 22 Rear Derailleur

With 11-speed capability and a short cage design, it offers lightning-fast gear changes, ensuring you can quickly adapt to varying terrains and maintain optimal cadence.

SRAM RED 22 YAW Front Derailleur (Braze-on with Chain Spotter)

The YAW front derailleur is a standout feature, providing flawless shifting performance. Its braze-on design allows for easy installation, and the integrated chain spotter prevents chain drops, enhancing the overall reliability of the groupset.

SRAM RED 22 Chain (11sp, 114 Links, HollowPin, PowerLock)

The 11-speed chain is engineered for durability and smooth power transmission. The HollowPin construction reduces weight without compromising strength, while the PowerLock link offers tool-free installation, making maintenance a breeze.

SRAM RED 22 XG-1190 Cassette (11sp, 11-26T)

The XG-1190 cassette provides a wide range of gear options, enabling riders to tackle steep climbs and achieve high speeds on flats. Its precise construction ensures precise shifting, allowing for seamless transitions between gears.

SRAM RED 22 YAW Crankset (172.5mm, 53-39T, BB30 Compatibility, no bearings)

The YAW crankset is a testament to cutting-edge engineering. Its carbon fiber construction reduces weight while maintaining exceptional stiffness and power transfer.

SRAM RED 22 YAW Crankset

With a 53-39T chainring configuration and compatibility with BB30 bottom brackets, it offers optimal gearing choices and compatibility with various frame designs.

SRAM RED 22 YAW Brake/Shift Levers (11sp)

The brake/shift levers combine precise shifting and efficient braking in a single component. With ergonomically designed hoods and paddle-style shifters, they provide a comfortable and intuitive interface, allowing riders to maintain control and make quick gear changes without compromising their grip.

SRAM RED Aero Link Front and Rear Brakes

The SRAM Red Aero Link brakes excel in terms of stopping power and modulation. Their aerodynamic design reduces drag, and the dual-pivot mechanism ensures consistent and reliable braking performance, even under demanding conditions.

SRAM BB30 Ceramic Assembly Bottom Bracket

The BB30 Ceramic Assembly bottom bracket reduces friction and enhances power transfer efficiency. Its ceramic bearings provide smooth rotation, minimizing energy loss and maximizing pedaling performance.

SRAM Red 22 11sp Road Groupset: Pros and Cons

To provide a comprehensive evaluation, let’s explore the pros and cons of the SRAM Red 22 11sp Road Groupset:

Precise and lightning-fast shiftingHigher price point compared to entry-level groupsets
Excellent front derailleur with chain spotterRequires specific tools for installation and maintenance
Wide range of gear options with the cassetteNo built-in bearings in the crankset
Lightweight and stiff crankset
Ergonomic brake/shift levers for enhanced control
Outstanding braking performance with Aero Link brakes
Ceramic bottom bracket for reduced friction

Maintenance Tips for SRAM Red 22 11sp Road Groupset

Maintaining your SRAM Red 22 11sp Road Groupset is essential to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your groupset in top shape:

Regular Cleaning

Regularly clean your groupset to remove dirt, grime, and debris that can affect performance. Use a mild degreaser and a soft brush to clean the chain, cogs, and derailleur pulleys. Wipe down the brake levers and shifters with a clean cloth.


Apply lubricant to the chain after cleaning to minimize friction and ensure smooth shifting. Use a high-quality chain lubricant and apply it sparingly to prevent excessive buildup. Wipe off any excess lubricant to avoid attracting dirt.

Chain Wear

Monitor the wear of your chain regularly. A worn-out chain can cause poor shifting and accelerated wear on other drivetrain components. Use a chain wear indicator to determine when it’s time to replace the chain.

Derailleur Adjustment

Periodically check and adjust the derailleur to maintain precise shifting. Ensure the limits screws are properly set to prevent overshifts or chain drops. If you’re unsure, consult the user manual or seek professional assistance.

Brake Adjustment

Brake Adjustment

Check the brake calipers for proper alignment and adjust if necessary. Ensure the brake pads have sufficient clearance and inspect them for wear. Replace worn brake pads promptly to maintain reliable braking performance.

Check Cable Tension

Over time, cable tension may change due to stretching or settling. Regularly check the cable tension for both front and rear derailleurs and make adjustments as needed for crisp and accurate shifting.

Bottom Bracket Maintenance

If your groupset includes a BB30 Ceramic Assembly bottom bracket, periodically check for smooth rotation and signs of wear. Clean and regrease the bottom bracket bearings if needed.

Professional Servicing

For more complex maintenance tasks, such as bottom bracket replacement or major adjustments, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance. They have the expertise and specialized tools to ensure proper servicing.

Related FAQ’s

1/ Is the groupset compatible with different frame designs?

Ans: Yes, the SRAM Red 22 11sp Road Groupset is compatible with various frame designs, ensuring versatility and compatibility.

2/ What type of riding is the SRAM Red 22 11sp Road Groupset best suited for?

Ans: The SRAM Red 22 11sp Road Groupset is designed for high-performance road cycling, making it ideal for competitive racing, endurance riding, and enthusiast-level road biking.

3/ Are replacement parts readily available for the SRAM Red 22 11sp Road Groupset?

Ans: Yes, SRAM has a wide distribution network, and replacement parts for the Red 22 11sp Road Groupset are readily available at authorized SRAM dealers and online retailers.

Final Verdict

When comparing the SRAM Red 22 11sp Road Groupset to similar offerings in the market, it truly stands out.

its exceptional performance, durability, and user-friendly design make it a worthy investment for those who prioritize excellence on the road and highly recommended for riders who demand the best.

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