SRAM Red 22 Takes Cycling to the Next Level

sram red 22 11 speed rim brake

The SRAM Red 22 11-Speed Rim Brake Shift Lever, is a game-changer in the world of cycling. This exceptional product boasts being the lightest 11-speed group available, combining powerful control with a remarkably light action.

Red 22 sets itself apart from its predecessor, the SRAM Red 2012 group, with two significant upgrades: an 11-speed cassette and the option for hydraulic shift levers and calipers. It revolutionized the drop-bar hydraulic brake category, outpacing Shimano and Campagnolo.

The Red 22’s single-pivot design, rather than the conventional dual-pivot style, not only saves weight but also enhances braking performance. Despite its simplicity, the group delivers crisp and precise shifting.

This group set is the perfect product that brings the inner champion. Now, let’s have a look at the things that make this a perfect choice.

SRAM Red 22 11 Speed Rim Brake Shift Lever Key features

Let’s have a look at the main features of this groupset:

Key FeaturesDescription
Lightest 11-Speed GroupThe SRAM Red 22 is renowned for being the lightest 11-speed group on the market. Its lightweight construction enhances performance and efficiency, giving riders a competitive edge.
Powerful Control with Light ActionThis shift lever offers powerful control combined with a remarkably light action. It ensures smooth and precise shifting, allowing cyclists to effortlessly navigate various terrains and maximize their speed and efficiency.
11-Speed CassetteThe SRAM Red 22 features an 11-speed cassette, providing a wide range of gear options to suit different riding conditions. This versatility allows riders to optimize their performance, whether climbing steep hills or sprinting on flat roads.
Optional Hydraulic Shift Levers and CalipersWith the option for hydraulic shift levers and calipers, the SRAM Red 22 offers enhanced braking performance. The hydraulic system provides better modulation, increased stopping power, and improved overall control, allowing for faster and safer descents.
Innovative Single Pivot DesignUnlike the conventional dual-pivot design, the Red 22’s single pivot brake system saves weight while still delivering exceptional braking power. This design choice ensures a perfect balance between weight reduction and optimal braking performance.
Crisp and Precise ShiftingDespite its simplicity, the SRAM Red 22 group delivers crisp and precise shifting, enabling riders to change gears with ease and efficiency. This smooth shifting experience enhances overall performance and ride quality.
Cutting-Edge TechnologyThe SRAM Red 22 incorporates cutting-edge technology to provide cyclists with a high-performance groupset. With its advanced features and meticulous engineering, this product sets a new standard for excellence in the cycling industry.

Precision and Power Combined: SRAM Red 22 11 Speed Rim Brake Shift Lever

The SRAM Red 22 11-Speed Rim Brake Shift Lever is a remarkable piece of cycling equipment that introduces a range of key features and functionalities. In our review, we are exploring these functionalities:

Upgrade on the Fundamental Design

Building upon the foundation of the SRAM Red 2012 group, the Red 22 incorporates two significant changes: an 11-speed cassette and the option for hydraulic shift levers and calipers.

Upgrade on the Fundamental Design

While the derailleurs, cranks, and chains have been calibrated for 11-speed and given a cosmetic lift, the fundamental designs remain the same.

Inclusion of Hydro Brakes

One standout feature of the SRAM Red 22 groupset is the inclusion of the Hydro R brakes. These brakes offer improved stopping power, ensuring faster and safer descending.

Red 22 led the charge as SRAM’s first-generation drop-bar hydraulic brakes, surpassing both Shimano and Campagnolo in this category.

Unlike the conventional dual-pivot design commonly found in brakes, Red 22 brakes utilize a single pivot, resulting in weight savings without compromising performance.

Crisp and Precise Shifting

Shifting with the SRAM Red 22 is a delightfully crisp and precise experience.

The simplicity of the groupset enhances the overall shifting performance, with short throws and audible, tactile signals for gear changes. Not to mention, the shift paddles are well-sized and easy to use from both the hoods and drops, offering versatility and convenience for riders.

Crisp and Precise Shifting

Notably, the action feels lighter and easier to actuate compared to a traditional cable system, making gear changes effortless.

Extensive Range of Adjustment Options

The integrated barrel adjuster atop the sleekly designed brake provides an extensive range of adjustment options.

Whether riders prefer minimal pre-movement before the brake engages or a substantial amount of adjustment, the SRAM Red 22 accommodates their preferences with ease.

This user-friendly feature allows for fine-tuning and ensures optimal braking performance.

Descending Truly Shines

When it comes to descending, the SRAM Red 22’s Hydraulic Road Rim (HRR) brakes truly shine.

With a mere touch of a finger, even with a single finger, riders can confidently and swiftly scrub off significant amounts of speed.

This impressive braking capability adds an extra layer of control and safety during high-speed descents.

Descending Truly Shines

While the SRAM Red 22 showcases exceptional features and benefits, it is important to note a few potential drawbacks. The levers can sometimes feel slightly sluggish, although this is compensated by the outstanding performance of the disc brakes.

The disc brakes are intuitive and confidence-inspiring, particularly in rainy conditions. However, they can become noisy when wet, although swapping pads can mitigate this issue.

Lightweight Model

Comparing the SRAM Red 22 to similar products in the market, it stands out for its lightweight design, precise shifting, and impressive braking performance.

Lightweight Model

The groupset’s weight-saving single-pivot brake design offers a unique advantage over the more common dual-pivot style, making it particularly appealing to weight-conscious cyclists.

Moreover, the Red 22’s shifting performance and user-friendly features set it apart from the competition.

Excels in Various Cycling Situations

In real-life scenarios, the SRAM Red 22 11-Speed Rim Brake Shift Lever excels in various cycling situations.

Whether you’re tackling a challenging climb, sprinting on flat roads, or descending with speed and control, the Red 22 delivers an exceptional riding experience.

Its precise shifting ensures seamless gear changes, while the powerful brakes provide the confidence needed for aggressive descents.


Q. Is SRAM force lighter than Ultegra?

A: Yes, SRAM Force is generally lighter than Shimano Ultegra.

Q. How much does an SRAM Red eTap 11-speed crankset weigh?

A: The weight of an SRAM Red eTap 11-speed crankset varies depending on the specific model and configuration, but it typically weighs around 600-700 grams.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the SRAM Red 22 11-Speed Rim Brake Shift Lever impresses with its innovative features, user-friendly design, and outstanding performance.

It caters to the needs of avid cyclists who seek lightweight components without compromising functionality.

With its crisp shifting, impressive braking power, and attention to detail, the SRAM Red 22 elevates the cycling experience and sets a new standard in the industry.

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