SRAM Recall on Quick Releases and Hubs

Quick Releases and Hubs

SRAM, in cooperation with the CPSC, has issued a recall on the select Zipp quick releases.

In a press release Zipp states the quick releases, “can fail to engage in the closed position, posing a crash and injury hazard. To date there have been no reports of crashes or injuries. Globally 18,530 quick releases were sold in both titanium and steel between March 2015 and December 15, 2015.”

The affected quick releases do not have an identifying serial number, however they can be identified by their shape. Below is images of the affected quick releases.

SRAM cooperation
quick release recall

The quick release recall USCPSC notice is here

Recalled Hubs

Additionally, SRAM has issued a recall for the wheels featuring the Zipp 88v6, 88v7 or 88v8 aluminum front hub. The flange issue, originally thought only to affect the original Zipp 88 front hubs, has been determined to exist in later versions. As with the Zipp 88 hub, the aluminum front hub flanges on the Zipp 88v6, 88v7 or 88v8 could fail and could cause a crash.

The photos below are the affected hubs.

sram hub recall
sram recall wheel
sram flange recall
recall rings

The official recall notice is posted here.

If you have or think you have a quick release or hub that needs to be returned contact us or call SRAM at 800-346-2928 or check their websites at and

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