SRAM Force 22 11sp Rim Brake Groupset Review

SRAM Force 22 11sp Rim Brake Groupset

SRAM Force 22 11sp Rim Brake Groupset – a true contender in the world of high-performance cycling. With a striking resemblance to Shimano’s renowned Ultegra, SRAM’s Force groupset brings exceptional transmission capabilities to a more accessible price point.

Whether you’re a dedicated racer seeking optimal speed or a rider in pursuit of a lightweight, agile bike, this second-tier offering from SRAM will undoubtedly catch your attention.

Boasting hydraulic levers compatible with both disc brakes and hydro rim brakes, the Force 22 is a remarkable fusion of technology, feather-light construction, and seamless shifting.

In our in-depth review, let’s explore its key features and unveil how SRAM has seamlessly incorporated the innovations of its top-tier SRAM RED groupset.

SRAM Force 22 11sp Rim Brake Groupset Specifications

Here’s a table describing the key features of the SRAM Force 22 11-Speed Rim Brake Groupset:

Key FeaturesDescription
Shift/Brake LeversErgonomically designed shift/brake levers for precise and responsive shifting and braking
Front DerailleurFront derailleur with Yaw technology for smooth and accurate front shifting
Rear DerailleurRear derailleur with Exact Actuation technology for precise and reliable gear changes
CassetteWide range cassette options for versatile gear ratios and smooth gear transitions
ChainHigh-quality chain for efficient power transfer and durability
CranksetStiff and lightweight crankset with multiple chainring options for customizable gear ratios
Bottom BracketDurable bottom bracket with sealed bearings for smooth and reliable performance
Brake CalipersRim brake calipers for reliable and powerful braking performance
Brake TypeRim brake system for consistent and responsive braking
CompatibilityCompatible with other SRAM 11-speed components for seamless integration
WiFLi TechnologyAllows for a wider gear range without sacrificing performance, ideal for hilly or challenging rides
ErgonomicsComfortable and ergonomic design for enhanced control and long-distance riding comfort
WeightLightweight construction for improved overall bike weight and efficiency
DurabilityHigh-quality materials and construction for long-lasting performance and reliability
Recommended UseIdeal for road cycling, training, and racing, providing reliable shifting and braking capabilities

SRAM Force 22 Groupset 2×11 standard

In this segment, we are breaking down the best features of this groupset:

Design and Functionality

On first look, the SRAM Force 22 11sp Rim Brake Groupset features a completely redesigned and sleek aesthetic, combining fleet looks with ergonomic functionality.

It offers a user-friendly design with the DoubleTap shifting mechanism, allowing for seamless and precise gear changes with a single lever control.

SRAM Force 22 Design and Functionality

Mainly, the lightweight construction enhances the overall performance of the bike. What’s more, the brake control levers with ErgoDynamics™ design ensure optimal control.

Shifting Performance

The shifting performance of the SRAM Force 22 11sp Rim Brake Groupset is where it truly shines. With its Yaw™ front derailleur, the groupset provides trim-free, fast, and precise shifting.

With the DoubleTap mechanism at its core, this groupset delivers precise and efficient gear changes. The unique one-lever control allows for seamless upshifts and downshifts, ensuring quick and accurate transitions between gears.

The DoubleTap system’s light action provides a responsive and tactile feel, making it easy to navigate through the 22 usable gears.

The intuitive nature of the shifting mechanism allows riders to make rapid adjustments without taking their hands off the handlebars.

Whether you’re sprinting on a flat stretch or climbing a steep incline, the SRAM Force 22’s shifting performance remains consistent and reliable.

Crank and Gear Sections

The SRAM Force 22 features the GXP Crank with all-new X Glide R chainrings. This combination ensures efficient power transfer and optimized chain engagement, resulting in a smooth and efficient pedaling experience.

The crankset’s stiffness enhances power transfer, allowing riders to maximize their pedaling efforts. Also, the gear sections of the SRAM Force 22 provide a wide range of options, accommodating various riding conditions and terrains.

Finally, the 11-speed configuration allows for precise gear spacing, enabling riders to find their ideal cadence at any given moment.

Compatibility and Configuration

The SRAM Force 22 11sp Rim Brake Groupset offers a high level of compatibility and requires proper configuration to ensure optimal performance.

It is designed to work seamlessly with Shimano-compatible cassettes, providing riders with flexibility in choosing their preferred gearing options.

SRAM Force 22 Compatibility and Configuration

When configuring the groupset, it is crucial to ensure the rear derailleur and cassette are correctly matched. Proper alignment and adjustment of these components contribute to a smooth shifting and precise gear engagement.

Comparison and Target Audience

Compared to other groupsets in the market, the SRAM Force 22 stands out with its intuitive DoubleTap shifting system, precise performance, and lightweight design.

While it competes directly with Shimano’s Ultegra groupset, the SRAM Force 22 offers similar functionality and performance at a more affordable price point.

The SRAM Force 22 11sp Rim Brake Groupset caters to a wide range of cyclists, from privateer racers to enthusiasts building high-performance bikes.

Its blend of technology, quality, and affordability makes it an attractive option for those seeking an excellent transmission that meets the demands of competitive riding or fast-paced recreational cycling.

Real-life scenarios 

Where the SRAM Force 22 shines includes competitive racing, fast-paced group rides, and challenging climbs. 

The precise shifting allows riders to swiftly navigate through gears, ensuring they find the right cadence and maintain momentum during intense efforts. 

The reliable braking performance of the rim brake version inspires confidence during high-speed descents or technical maneuvers.

Important Note

Attention to detail during installation and setup is essential to maximize the performance of the SRAM Force 22.

It is important to note that the SRAM Force 22 shifters should be used with SRAM 11-speed rear derailleurs exclusively. SRAM road control levers are not compatible with rear derailleurs from other manufacturers.

To optimize shifting performance, it is recommended to pair the SRAM Force 22 front control lever with an SRAM 2-speed YAW front derailleur.


#1. Is the SRAM Force 22 compatible with 10-speed cassettes?

Ans: No, the SRAM Force 22 is designed specifically for use with 11-speed cassettes. It is not compatible with 10-speed drivetrains.

#2. Can I use SRAM Force 22 hydraulic levers with rim brakes?

Ans: Yes, SRAM Force 22 is available with hydraulic levers for both disc brakes and hydro rim brakes. Ensure that you select the appropriate version depending on your braking system.

#3. What is the warranty coverage for the SRAM Force 22 groupset?

Ans: SRAM typically offers a warranty for its components, including the Force 22 groupset. It is recommended to check with the specific retailer or SRAM’s official website for detailed warranty information and coverage.


The SRAM Force 22 11sp Rim Brake Groupset impresses with its redesigned aesthetics, precise shifting, and lightweight design.

With compatibility for Shimano-compatible cassettes and proper configuration, it offers versatility for riders. While the DoubleTap shifting system may have a slight learning curve, the groupset’s overall performance and user-friendly features outweigh any minor drawbacks. 

Considering its competitive price, exceptional performance, and durability, I can recommend the SRAM Force 22 to cyclists seeking a high-quality transmission.

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