Solestar BLK Cycling Insoles

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The unique SOLESTAR BLK cycling insoles have been designed for competitive road cyclists and triathletes. The insoles give the highest support to the rider at the most important link for power transfer.

What makes the SOLESTAR cycling insoles so innovative lies in the patented Stabilizations-Delta: it gives the foot the support it needs during the pressure phase inside the cycling shoe and provides long lasting stability. The foot has a better hold in the shoe, allowing power to be transferred more direct to the pedal.

SOLESTAR BLK cycling insoles have a a high quality carbon core allowing to take up a maximum of pressure load without losing stability or control.

SOLESTAR BLK insoles can be worn in any cycling shoe comfortably without any further customization simply by choosing the right shoe size. 

**Refer to the size chart in the photos to help chose the correct size insole.


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    Solestar BLK

    Posted by James Arner on 13th May 2020

    Excellent insoles! They work perfectly to more evenly distribute pressure over the entirety of the bottom of your foot and support the foot and ankle for the pedal stroke. This is very apparent when at the end of a ride I no longer have hot spots on the bottom of my foot. I really won’t ride without them any more. Really high quality and genuinely one of the best value upgrades to improve your riding experience. They are highly recommended. Also, the size chart is accurate (at least for Fizik and Giro).

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    Amazing insoles

    Posted by Brian on 14th Feb 2019

    Having troubles finding shoes that fit and are supportive of my narrow feet has always been challenging . I've tried a lot of products from other manufacturers with unsatisfying results., however, these have gone beyond my expectations. The footbed feels great and provides excellent support. The way that they are molded get my foot in a very comfortable position. I've found that they keep my foot secure in the shoe for the duration of my rides, which is something I've struggled with over the years. Over all, an excellent product.