Shimano XTR CS-M9100 12sp Cassette

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Shimmano's new 12sp MTB cassette features a new hub and spline that is not compatiable with previous hubs. 

Enhancing rider capabilities and providing more gearing combinations, XTR M9100 features three cassette options to cover the diverse needs of elite level mountain bike riders and racers All feature SHIMANO’s new MICRO SPLINE freehub technology that allows the use of 10-tooth cogs. The new design also allows for an aluminum freehub body construction that isn’t damaged or gouged out by the cogs during use.

The new cassettes also employ a new Beam Spider construction for improved power transfer and is built with a strategic application of aluminum, titanium, and steel materials for an optimal blend of weight savings, rigidity, and durability.  

CS-M9100 – Wide Range Cassette or “Rhythm Step” Cassette
  • 10-51T – 12-speed Wide Range offers 510% gear range
  • 10-45 T– 12-speed Rhythm Step offers 450% gear range

CS-M9100-11 – Lightweight Cassette

Built on the 10-51-tooth, 12-speed platform, this cassette offers the same Micro-Spline design to work with a small 10-tooth cog but decreases weight by up to 76 grams.

  • 10-45 –Lightweight XTR offers 450% gear range
  • 57 grams lighter than 12-speed, 10-51 cassette
  • Compatible with both short and long cage XTR M9100 rear derailleurs, short cage reduces weight by 3 grams
  • Allows for use of the wide flange FH-M9125-B, reducing weight 3 grams while improving handling and durability
  • Reduces chain length by 6 links, reducing weight another 13 grams  


Designed specifically for SHIMANO’s 12-speed XTR drivetrain, the MICRO SPLINE FREEHUB delivers a lightweight construction that works seamlessly with the system’s new small 10-tooth cog. As the name suggests, MICRO SPLINE features smaller freehub splines that help eliminate damage on the lightweight aluminum freehub.  

The new hubs also feature SHIMANO’s quieter SCYLENCE technology that provides rapid acceleration and higher rigidity for quick, 7.6-degree engagement. The freehub body is constructed of two driver plates that completely disengage when you stop pedaling, eliminating any freehub ratchet sounds while coasting.