Shimano SM-PCE02 PC Interface Diagnostics Tool

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The Shimano PC Interface / Linkage Device SM-PCE02 for E-Bike STEPS and Di2 groups. Can be connected directly to the computer for maintenance. Improved the quality for the communication against noise and easy checking function for current leakage.

Features - SM-PCE02 Functions

  • Connection check - The function is to check that each unit is connected correctly and is recognized by PC.
  • Customize - This function allows you to customize the global functions and operations of the system to suit your needs.
  • Error check - When a single unit or multiple units are connected, this function checks their operation and identifies any units which have a problem. However, this does not mean that all such problems can be discovered. In addition, the function does not fix any problems which are discovered.
  • Update firmware - This function is used to update the firmware for each unit. (The firmware is downloaded via the Internet).
  • Preset - This function allows you to connect one or more units and read or write all the settings of those units at a time. The readout settings can be saved in a file. The settings can also be successively written to multiple bicycles.
  • Unit log acquisition (only for E-Bike category) - Acquires various kinds of data from the units and display it in a report format. In the report, you can check the settings of each unit and the battery status.
  • Complete Setup Disconnect the unit from the computer. The unit may not operate properly before this operation is completed. Even when E -TUBE PROJECT is exited, the connection to the PC is disconnected.


  • STEPS E8000, E7000, E6100, E6000, E5000
  • Dura Ace Di2 9070
  • Dura Ace Di2 R9150
  • Ultegra Di2 6770
  • Ultegra Di2 6870
  • Alfine Di2 S705
  • XTR Di2 9050
  • XT Di2 8050
  • FOX Float iCD-Suspension