Shimano S-Phyre X Cycling Sunglasses - CE-SPHR1 Black

Shimano S-Phyre X Cycling Sunglasses - CE-SPHR1 Black
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Engineered for most demanding road and off-road riding conditions, the S-PHYRE X model is the weapon of choice for many Team LottoNL-Jumbo riders in race situations.

The S-Phyre series represents the pinnacle of performance in Shimano cycling apparel, and now that range has extended to eyewear. T

he S-PHYRE X Cycling Sunglasses are engineered for the most demanding road and off-road riding conditions, and have already proven themselves worthy on the pro circuit at the hands of Dutch Lotto team riders. The large shield lens offers a wide field of vision, and protects you from the wind on high-speed canyon descents. The lens is paired with a strong and lightweight Grilamid TR90 frame that gives you the option of detaching the lower rim to enhance your field of vision, or leaving it on to keep the lens (and your face) protected. The lens is made of rigid and lightweight polycarbonate, and comes standard with a hydrophobic coating to repel water, as well as an anti-scratch treatment that Shimano claims is three times more durable than regular coatings. You have your choice between a Photochromic D Grey lens, or an Optimal PL MLC lens with 80% polarization. The Photochromic D Grey lens works well for sunny days yet remains versatile in that it adjusts the tint automatically if conditions turn overcast.

The Optimal PL MLC lens is ideal for sunny conditions as well, but uses polarization to reduce glare from vehicle glass, and to make water in the road more visible. Unlike traditional polarized lenses with a 100% filter, the Optimal PL MLC lens won't obstruct your view of data on LCD screens, and there's no visual distortion as the Multi-Layer Coating (MLC) creates excellent depth perception and clarity.