Shimano RX 810 2 GRX 2x Crankset Review

Shimano RX 810 2 GRX 2x Crankset

The SHIMANO RX 810 2x Crankset offers a high-performance crankset that can conquer diverse terrains. Designed to provide the optimum gearing for mixed surfaces, this one is a perfect choice.

First of all, the crankset offers a wider range front system, ensuring smooth and efficient gear shifts without any harsh clunks. Secondly, its gear combination of 48-31T enables you to effortlessly navigate challenging uphill climbs and powerfully brakes from the hoods.

In the following sections, we’ll discuss the exceptional features of this crankset based on a review span of nine months using the product.

Shimano RX 810 2 GRX 2x Crankset Key Features

Here’s a table outlining the important key features of the SHIMANO RX 810 2x Crankset:

Key FeatureDescription
GRX GroupsetThe Shimano RX 810 2 GRX 2x Crankset is part of Shimano’s GRX series, specifically designed for gravel and adventure riding. It offers reliable and precise performance in diverse off-road conditions, ensuring optimal power transfer and control.
Dual Chainring SetupThe dual chainrings allow for efficient pedaling both on flats and steep climbs, enabling riders to find the perfect gear ratio for any situation.
Hollowtech IIThe hollow crank arms enhance rigidity while reducing weight, resulting in improved power transfer and pedaling efficiency.
Integrated DesignThe crankset integrates seamlessly with other components of the GRX groupset, ensuring precise shifting and consistent performance.
Wide CompatibilityThe Shimano RX 810 2 GRX 2x Crankset is compatible with various bottom bracket standards and frame designs, offering versatility for bike customization.
Durable ConstructionConstructed with high-quality materials, the crankset is built to withstand the demands of off-road riding.
Smooth and EfficientEquipped with Shimano’s renowned shifting technology, the crankset delivers smooth and precise gear changes.
Sleek AestheticsWith clean lines and a streamlined appearance, it enhances the visual appeal of the gravel or adventure bike it is installed on.

Shimano RX 810 2 GRX 2x Crankset – Details

One of our teammates has been using this groupset for a span of nine months. Based on our observation and his experience, here’s a complete overview of this groupset:

Design and Functionality

The first thing we noticed on this groupset is the outboard bottom bracket bearing system. It ensures better weight distribution and enhanced pedaling stability.

Shimano RX 810 Design and Functionality

Mainly, the forged aluminum construction, inspired by MTB crank arms, ensures durability without compromising weight. Not to mention, the 4-arm 110/80mm BCD asymmetric spider prevents chainring flex. As a result, the groupset provides a stable platform for optimal power transmission.

Thus, with a 48-31T chainring combination, it offers ideal gearing for mixed surfaces.

Optimal Power Transfer

The RX 810 2 Crankset utilizes the popular Shimano’s HOLLOWTECH II technology. Mainly, this technology integrates the bottom bracket axle with the right crankarm.

Actually, the design ensures superior power transfer, thanks to enhanced stiffness and reduced weight.

By maximizing power transfer efficiency, riders can extract every ounce of energy while riding through challenging terrains.

Better Weight Distribution

Equipped with an outboard bottom bracket bearing system, the RX 810 2 provides better weight distribution and improved pedaling stability.

Better Weight Distribution

With that, this translates into enhanced balance and efficiency during each pedal stroke. Now, pedaling through rough terrains is not a huge problem at all.

Exceptional Durability

Drawing inspiration from Shimano’s mountain bike crankarm design, the RX 810 2 features forged aluminum construction.

This will help you to anticipate exceptional durability, capable of withstanding the rigors of off-road riding. Despite its rugged build, the crankset remains impressively lightweight.

Of course, the weight balance is a key factor for it being lightweight. However, the durability enhances the weight balance and lets the rider pedal freely on rough roads.

Asymmetric 4-Arm Spider Design

The 4-arm 110/80mm BCD asymmetric spider is a hallmark of the RX 810 2 Crankset.

This innovative design distributes force evenly and effectively, eliminating chainring flex and coming up with a stable platform for optimal power transmission.

With this level of stiffness, riders can confidently tackle steep inclines and explosive sprints without sacrificing performance.

Ideal Gearing for Mixed Surfaces

Having a 48-31T chainring combination, this crankset is ideal for traversing various surfaces.

Furthermore, this range strikes the perfect balance between climbing assistance and maintaining speed on flatter sections.

Ideal Gearing for Mixed Surfaces

In case imagine, you’re conquering gravel roads, tackling technical trails, or riding on pavement, the RX 810 2 is designed to handle it all.

Don’t Lack Compatibility

No need to worry as Shimano ensures seamless compatibility with the RX 810 2 Crankset. It is compatible with SM-BBR60 external threaded cups and SM-BB72 PressFit bottom brackets

Additionally, the chain compatibility includes HG-EV 11-speed and HG-X11 Shimano chains, furnishing reliable and precise shifting in any situation.

Standing Out in the Market: A Distinctive Choice

In a market filled with cranksets, the Shimano RX 810 2 GRX 2x Crankset sets itself apart with its exceptional balance of strength, durability, and efficiency. Also, its design specifically caters to the demands of gravel and mixed-terrain riding.

While other cranksets may excel in certain areas, the RX 810 2’s combination of HOLLOWTECH II technology, reliable shifting, and versatile gearing makes it a standout choice for gravel enthusiasts.


Q. What are the crank lengths for Shimano GRX?

Ans: SHIMANO GRX Gravel Crankset – 1×11-speed comes up with 40T and 42T chainring options and 170, 172.5, and 175mm crank arm lengths.

Q. Can I put a Shimano 105 or Ultegra road power meter on the Shimano GRX crankset? 

Ans: Yes, the Shimano GRX crankset is compatible with Ultegra components, and you can install a Shimano 105 or Ultegra road power meter on the GRX crankset. Both use the Shimano Hollowtech II interface.

Q. What is the maximum cassette for GRX 810?

Ans: The Shimano GRX 810 rear derailleur can accommodate a maximum low sprocket size of 34T.

Our Impression

During the nine months review timespan, our teammate had a grueling gravel race that involves a mix of steep climbs, technical descents, and unpredictable terrain. And the Shimano RX 810 2 GRX 2x Crankset proved its worth in such a scenario.

Especially, the HOLLOW TECH II technology delivered efficient power transfer. This is a blessing as it is allowing you to maintain momentum on challenging ascents.

The stable and precise shifting sets the seal on quick gear changes during rapid descents, keeping you in control. With its durable construction, the crankset withstands the punishing demands of the race, ensuring you reach the finish line with confidence.

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