shimano grx di2 gravel groupset Review

Shimano GRX Di2 Gravel Groupset

The Shimano GRX Di2 Gravel Groupset has become a game-changer since its arrival as Shimano’s first gravel-specific groupset in 2019. Designed to meet the demands of gravel cycling, it offers a range of features that enhance performance, control, and versatility.

One of the standout qualities of the GRX Di2 Groupset is its versatility. It can be configured as a 1x or 2x drivetrain, allowing you to choose the setup that best suits your riding style and preferences.

However, it is the shifters of the GRX Di2 Groupset that truly steal the show. The unique design places the brake lever axis 18mm higher than Shimano’s road levers, resulting in improved control and comfort while riding off-road.

This thoughtful design detail is just one of the many features that makes it a champ.

Uncovering its impressive features and performance is the key to helping you make an improved decision. This review is going to do just that.

The most powerful

Shimano grx di2 gravel groupset available options

Here’s a table showcasing the options available in the Shimano GRX Di2 Gravel Groupset:

ComponentOption 1Option 2Option 3
Shift/Brake LeversGRX ST-RX815 Di2GRX ST-RX817 Di2GRX ST-RX815 Di2
Front DerailleurGRX FD-RX815 Di2GRX FD-RX815 Di2GRX FD-RX815 Di2
Rear DerailleurGRX RD-RX815 Di2 (GS)GRX RD-RX815 Di2 (SS)GRX RD-RX817 Di2 (2x/1x compatible)
CassetteCS-HG800-11 (11-34T)CS-HG800-11 (11-34T)CS-HG800-11 (11-34T)
CranksetGRX FC-RX810-2 (2x, 48-31T)GRX FC-RX810-2 (2x, 48-31T)GRX FC-RX810-1 (1x, 40T)
Bottom BracketSM-BB72-41B (Threaded)SM-BB72-41B (Threaded)SM-BB72-41B (Threaded)
Brake CalipersBR-RX810BR-RX810BR-RX810
Front/Rear RotorsSM-RT800 (160mm)SM-RT800 (160mm)SM-RT800 (160mm)
Junction BoxSM-EW-RS910 (Internal Routing)SM-EW-RS910 (Internal Routing)SM-EW-RS910 (Internal Routing)
Battery ChargerSM-BCR2SM-BCR2SM-BCR2
Wire OptionsEW-SD50 (Various lengths)EW-SD50 (Various lengths)EW-SD50 (Various lengths)
Wireless UnitSC-MT800SC-MT800SC-MT800
Compatible Di2 Display UnitSC-RX815SC-RX815SC-RX815

shimano grx di2 gravel groupset Review

Shimano Grx Di2 Gravel Groupset Review

Here are the reasons why this groupset is the best choice for you:

Tiered Component Options

Shimano introduced three tiers of GRX components – RX800/815 (mechanical and Di2), RX600 (mechanical), and RX400 (mechanical). And this is a major advantage, of course. Here’s why.

These tiers align with Shimano’s previous-generation Ultegra, 105, and Tiagra road groupsets. So, the groupset ensures a seamless transition for riders familiar with Shimano’s road components.

Potential for 12-Speed Enhancement

Of course, we need to cover this one. The GRX Di2 Groupset is poised for an exciting upgrade, with the possibility of all tiers gaining an additional sprocket to become 12-speed.

Most bike enthusiasts eagerly anticipate this advancement, as it would provide an expanded gear range to conquer a wider variety of gravel terrains and challenging gradients.

Semi-Wireless Arrangement

Following the trend set by Dura-Ace, Ultegra, and 105, the future GRX Di2 components are expected to adopt a semi-wireless configuration.

And in this setup, the shifters communicate wirelessly with the front and rear derailleurs, while still being connected to a central battery. This arrangement enhances convenience, simplifies installation, and reduces clutter, leading to a cleaner and more streamlined aesthetic.

Anticipated Line-up

Based on speculation, a future GRX line-up may consist of the following levels:

Ultegra-level: Di2 only, 12-speed, offering top-tier electronic shifting performance for discerning riders seeking precise and effortless gear changes.

105-level: Both Di2 and mechanical, 12-speed, catering to a wider range of cyclists who desire the benefits of electronic shifting alongside the familiarity of mechanical options.

Tiagra-level: Mechanical, 11-speed, providing a reliable and cost-effective choice for gravel enthusiasts who prefer the simplicity and durability of mechanical shifting.

Ergonomic Di2 Hood Design

The GRX Di2 hood shape stands as a testament to thoughtful design. Distinct from its mechanical counterpart, the GRX hoods feature a short and compact form that offers exceptional comfort. So, you can expect long rides to be more enjoyable.

Ergonomic Di2 Hood Design

Additionally, the design allows for confident braking from the hoods, ensuring precise control over varied terrain.

Expansive 1x Gearing Options

Recognizing the increasing popularity of 1x drivetrains in gravel cycling, the GRX Di2 Groupset offers an array of 1x gearing options.

As you may know already, this configuration simplifies the drivetrain, reduces weight, and enhances chain retention. Thus, making it ideal for gravel riders seeking simplicity and reliability, particularly in demanding off-road conditions.


#1. Does GRX come in Di2?

Ans. Yes, the Shimano GRX groupset is available in a Di2 (electronic shifting) version.

#2. Is GRX better than Ultegra?

Ans. While the GRX is designed specifically for gravel cycling with features like improved brake lever positioning and 1x gearing options, Ultegra is a versatile road groupset known for its lightweight and precision.

#3. Can I use Shimano GRX on road?

Ans. Yes, you can use the Shimano GRX groupset on road bikes. The GRX groupset is primarily designed for gravel cycling. However, its compatibility with road components allows riders to utilize it on road bikes for added versatility and performance.

Final Verdict

No doubt, the Shimano GRX Di2 Gravel Groupset offers an impressive range of features tailored specifically for gravel cycling. Thanks to its 1x and 2x configurations, wireless communication, and comfortable hood design, it provides a user-friendly and efficient riding experience.

It’s a bit on the pricier side. However, the performance, durability, and versatility make it a worthwhile investment for gravel enthusiasts.

Overall, I highly recommend the Shimano GRX Di2 for its exceptional quality and enhanced gravel riding capabilities.

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