Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 Wheel Review, Sale Price & Availability

Disc and Rim Brake Options

Shimano wheels are the most used wheels in the pro peloton, the hubs have fantastic high quality bearings that make for smooth rolling and stiff wheels, they are very well built using proprietary spokes but have for some years been lagging behind the likes of Zipp and Enve as far as the latest wheel technologies go.

No more! Shimano have a new range of Dura-Ace level wheels that we expect will be loved by pro’s and tech savvy enthusiasts alike.

Simplifying the Model Range: Where Shimano previously offered 3 depths of aero wheels, 35, 50, and 75, they will now offer just two: 40mm and 60mm.

Simplifying the Model Range

Performance Improvements: Rim width is now up to 28mm external at the widest section, and the rims have a hybrid toroidal shape for better performance at all yaw angles. At the same time, weights have been reduced.

The new C60 is lighter than the outgoing C50 by 40 grams. Hub flange spacing has also increased, improving stiffness, and rear rims get an asymmetric spoke hole drilling for more even tension between drive and non-drive sides.

Disc and Rim Brake Options: Having fully embraced disc brakes with Dura-Ace 9100, Shimano will now offer each of its wheels in either a rim or disc brake version. All rims are full carbon, except for the rim brake clincher versions.

Additionally, while the rim brake versions will have quick release hubs, the word on the street is that the disc versions will only support 100×12 and 142×12 through-axle.

Disc and Rim Brake Options

Staying the Same: The freehub body is unchanged from previous 11 speed hubs, so everything will work together, including 10 speed cassettes. Additionally, the venerable C-24 clincher is virtually unchanged for 2017, and available in rim brake/clincher only.

We have group prices and weights see here: Shimano Dura-Ace 2017 Groupset Prices

Availability: Wheels we don’t have details on but Mechanical groups are expected September 2017 and Di2 early 2017

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