Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 Brake Caliper Pair: Uncompromising Stopping Power and Precision

Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 Brake Caliper Pair

The Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 Brake Caliper Pair is a high-performance braking system designed for road cyclists who demand exceptional stopping power, reliability, and precision. With its cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship, this brake caliper pair delivers unparalleled performance on the road.

In this article, we will delve into the features, benefits, and why the Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 Brake Caliper Pair is the top choice for riders seeking the ultimate braking performance.

Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 Brake Caliper Pair Specifications:

Here are the key features and specifications of these brake calipers:

Brake TypeDual Pivot
CompatibilityShimano Dura-Ace R9100 Series
Weight326 grams (pair)
Brake Pad TypeR55C4
Brake Pad CompoundCartridge
Brake Pad AdjustmentAdjustable
Quick Release FunctionYes
Maximum Tire Clearance28mm (direct mount), 25mm (standard mount)
Cable RoutingInternal
Brake Mount TypeDirect Mount or Standard Mount (depending on frame)
Recommended UseRoad cycling

Precise Braking Performance

Dual-Pivot Design

The Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 Brake Caliper Pair features a dual-pivot design, which provides improved brake modulation and control. This design allows for even distribution of braking force on both sides of the caliper, resulting in balanced and precise braking performance.

Whether you’re navigating steep descents or maneuvering through tight corners, the dual-pivot design ensures consistent and reliable braking power, giving you the confidence to push your limits.

Enhanced Brake Shoe Compound

To further enhance braking performance, the Dura-Ace R9100 Brake Caliper Pair incorporates an advanced brake shoe compound. This compound offers superior braking power and excellent modulation, allowing for precise and responsive braking in various weather conditions.

With this enhanced compound, you can rely on consistent and powerful braking performance, even in wet or challenging environments.

Aero-Optimized Design

The Dura-Ace R9100 Brake Caliper Pair features an aero-optimized design, minimizing aerodynamic drag and enhancing overall bike performance. The sleek profile and streamlined shape reduce air resistance, allowing you to maintain your speed while still enjoying excellent braking capabilities.

Whether you’re competing in a race or striving for faster speeds on your training rides, the aero-optimized design of these brake calipers will complement your efforts.

Uncompromising Quality and Durability

High-Quality Construction

Shimano is renowned for its commitment to excellence, and the Dura-Ace R9100 Brake Caliper Pair is no exception. These brake calipers are meticulously constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

The precise engineering and attention to detail result in a brake caliper pair that can withstand the demands of rigorous riding, providing reliable stopping power mile after mile.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The Dura-Ace R9100 Brake Caliper Pair is designed for easy installation and maintenance. The calipers feature a user-friendly design that allows for quick and hassle-free installation on your bike.

Additionally, the brake shoes are easily replaceable, making maintenance and adjustments a breeze. With the convenience of easy installation and maintenance, you can spend less time on bike maintenance and more time enjoying your rides.


In conclusion, the Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 Brake Caliper Pair sets a new standard in braking performance for road cyclists. With its precise dual-pivot design, enhanced brake shoe compound, aero-optimized construction, and uncompromising quality, these brake calipers deliver exceptional stopping power, reliability, and precision on the road.

Elevate your cycling experience and ride with confidence knowing that you have the Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 Brake Caliper Pair providing you with the ultimate braking performance.

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