Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9150 11 Speed Front Derailleur

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Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9150 Front Derailleur 

Dura Ace Di2- front derailleur perfectly works together with the cockpit counterparts. It has been optimized for the new functions and with its new slim design, it is well protected against damage even in case of a fall.

Technical Information:

Series: Dura Ace Di2 R9150
Application: Road (competition)
Outer Body Material: CFRP (patterned, painted)
Inner Body Material: titanium
Cage Material: aluminium, nickel plated
Gearing: 2-speed (in combination with 11-speed)
Chainstay Angle: 61-66°
Chainring Size (max): 46-55 tooth
Capacity: 16 tooth
Chainline: 43.5 mm
Movement: down swing
Mount: braze-on 
Compatible Chain: HG-EV 11-speed, HG-X11
Number of E-Tube Ports: 1
Number of E-Tube Connections: 0
Master Unit: no
Technology: E-Tube, Synchro Shift


- 4 pivot bushings
- E-Tube-project guarantees firmware updates


E-tube is a system platform in order to achieve the Di2 (Digital Integrated Intelligence) concept. E-tube transmits interactive signals and power supply to each electronic component by “plug & play connection. E-tube is a no rust, no stretch, no freeze system and it ensures advanced low maintenance. E-tube project offers, besides customized setting of the electronic components, an update to firmware via Windows PC, tablet or smartphone. You have access to a range of options for a quick check of the electronic components or the system status.

Synchro Shift
Shimano Synchro Shift engineered for the next generation of race bikes. Syncro Shift makes shifting easier and significantly reduces the decision making process that a rider undergoes during a race or other riding situations. Especially in attack or sprint situations, where the rider is under extreme physical stress, often they have to make shifting decisions in a matter of a second. Disturbed in this process through the physical stress the wrong decision is made fast. When the decision making process is reduced then the rider can give all of their attention to the race. This is exactly what the Shimano Synchro Shift technology does. Syncro Shift selects the next optimal larger or next smaller gear combination, irrespective of whether the rear derailleur and / or the front derailleur has been shifted.
The Shimano Synchro Shift technology comes in two models:
Full Synchro Shift:
The front derailleur reads the position of the rear derailleur and automatically operates the front shift to position the gears in the most efficient gear and best chain line so the rider never has to worry about front shifting and correction shifts again. 
Semi Synchro Shift:
This intuitive new mode automatically reacts when the rider shifts from one chainring to another, automatically shifting the rear derailleur to minimize the gear step, thus preserving the rider’s rhythm.

Included in box

- 1 x Shimano FD-R9150 Dura Ace Di2 front derailleur

Weight:104 g
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