Selle Italia X-LR Saddle

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Extraordinary efficiency, peerless performance & an alluring design. The new frontier of the Selle-Italia MTB saddle bears the name XLR. The XLR has been specifically designed for the off-road universe. It is the outcome of relentless product research, improved even further by the joint contributions of athletes, designers and other sector experts.

  • ERGONOMICS: with a purpose-built structure featuring a downward-facing tip, it has been expertly engineered to ensure a good saddle position regardless of pedalling stance. This makes it the ultimate choice for mountainbiking. It has a 4% reduction in length and width as compared to a traditional saddle and this delivers exceptional ease of movement – something of the utmost importance for off-road adventures.
  • DURABILITY: the clever combination of top-of-the-line materials means it is highly resistant to knocks, bumps and vibrations due to road impact. The usage of cutting-edge know-how such as exclusive Air-Cross technology means that the saddle will well stand the test of time.
  • DESIGN: Ground-breaking and charismatic: an ebullient streak that displays all the seductive spirit of the sportscar world reworked into a lithe saddle which can handle all off-road challenges.

WeightS 165g/ L174g
Cover: Fibra-Tek
SizeS 131 x 266 mm /L 145 x 266 mm
Rail: T1316 Tube Ø7 mm
Colour: Black