Rotor Uno Hydraulic Groupset

Groupsets usually ship within 3 to 5 business days, coupon codes not valid on this item
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After months of rumors and spy shots the Rotor Uno hydraulic group is available to order

What's in a group.  Shifter/brake lever, front derailleur, rear derailleur,  chain, cassette and bleed kits

The Uno groupset shifts their new front and rear derailleur using hydraulic fluid, and for braking there’s the option of either hydraulic disc (IS or direct mount) or hydraulic standard rim calipers.

Rotor’s method of shifting the rear derailleur is moving the aluminum paddle located behind the brake lever inward one click to shift to a harder ratio or push further inward to shift to easy gears. The front mech works the same way: a short push of the paddle shifts to the big ring, longer push to the small ring. If you want multiple up-shifts you can set the rear derailleur to move from one to four cogs.


Weight: 1604 grams (shifters, derailleurs, disc brakes)