RockShox Reverb AXS with Remote

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RockShox Reverb AXS

The wireless-electronic Reverb AXS is all Reverb, revamped with a controller you touch instead of a lever you throw. Its infinite range lets you set it right where you need it, saving you time, energy, and keeping your focus on the trail ahead. With no external hoses or internal routing, the Reverb AXS is fast to install and easy to pair. Not a single thing in the way of the experience.

The RockShox Reverb AXS is optimized, motor driven, and paired with the next generation of electronic integration. It features Vent Valve Technology and lower friction internals to provide quality, performance, and reliability without any cables to mess around with.

  • AXS technology allows for customization to an individual rider’s liking via the AXS Mobile App
  • Lower friction IFP allows for faster actuation of the post and less force needed
  • Vent Valve Technology allows for super simple service if the need arises without any disassembly of the post
  • Shared battery with all other SRAM AXS enabled components
  • System is completely water and dust proof to IP69K
  • Includes AXS enabled handlebar controller, discrete clamp, battery and charger



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    First Ride: SRAM AXS Wireless Eagle and Reverb

    Posted by on 18th Feb 2019

    We take for granted the thought and energy that goes into swinging a lever to drop a saddle. It takes force. It takes time. It takes redirecting the actions of muscles in our forearm that we’d otherwise be using to keep our hands on the grips. There may even be some motion in the wrist or the heel of the palm. We get really good at it, but it is a distraction. That goes double for shifting. Proper shifting is a skill. We’re feeling through our skin for when the lever hits the ratchet point to indicate we can release. We’re coordinating that sensation with what our legs and bodies are doing below. We’re compensating for the slow, inevitable increase in friction throughout a cable’s short lifespan. And just like actuating a dropper lever, that all takes physical effort and unwanted motion. It takes physical effort that should be focused on controlling the bike. But more than that, it takes mental effort. No matter how skilled you become at shifting, it still takes thought and concentration. And it happens hundreds, maybe thousands of times every ride. It may seem on the surface that electronic shifting is just another gadget. Just another shiny fascination for the technophiles. But in a surprisingly pure sense, it is a way to make our rides better.

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    Simplify Your Bike With the Wireless RockShox Reverb AXS Dropper

    Posted by Bicycling Magazine on 18th Feb 2019

    The remote button is can’t-miss-it large, but it’s not oversize, either. Throw is much shorter and effort is much lower than that of the Reverb Stealth—or any dropper’s remote, for that matter—which actually makes the Reverb AXS seem like the quickest and most seamless dropper available. And if you have arthritis, or a janky thumb like me (Bennett’s fracture, circa 1998), this remote will be heaven-sent.

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    RockShox Reverb AXS wireless dropper post first ride review

    Posted by Bike Radar on 18th Feb 2019

    While its performance is impressive on the trail, I’m becoming more of a wireless convert than I thought I would initially. As I’m somewhat of a caveman when it comes to using electronics on my bike, I can’t say I was overly excited about this at first but being able to ditch cables and the ease of set up is a big plus for me. I’m also a big fan of the Vent Valve and really hope it makes it onto the mechanical posts in the future.

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    Reverb AXS

    Posted by on 18th Feb 2019

    In our opinion, the RockShox Reverb AXS sets the new benchmark for dropper seat posts. It not only impressed us with its super fast and precise function but with a lot of smart features besides. The Vent-Valve guarantees uninterrupted fun and the new seat clamp facilitates easy positioning of the saddle. Last but not least, AXS technology offers plenty of scope for customisation and lays the foundation for a completely new bike concept. Our only point of criticism: with its price of € 800 this dropper post will remain a dream for most riders.