Experience the Thrill of Speed with the Ridley Noah Fast Rim Brake Frameset

Ridley Noah Fast Rim Brake Frameset

The Ridley Noah Fast Rim Brake Frameset is built for one thing: speed.

With its aerodynamic design and aggressive geometry, the Noah Fast series has become a go-to choice for cyclists seeking that competitive edge in road racing and fast-paced group rides.

Engineered to slice through the air with ease, this frameset is a game-changer.

In our review, we’ll explore the best features this wheelset has to offer.

Ridley Noah Fast Rim Brake Frameset: Features Table

Here’s a table showcasing the key features of Ridley Noah Fast Rim Brake Frameset :

Key FeatureDescription
Frame ConstructionConstructed from lightweight and stiff carbon fiber composite material for optimal strength and stiffness.
Aerodynamic DesignOptimized frame geometry and tube shapes to minimize drag and improve airflow, enhancing speed.
Rim Brake CompatibilityDesigned to accommodate traditional rim brakes, offering reliable stopping power for road cycling.
Integrated FeaturesDepending on the model, integrated components such as seat mast and aero handlebar/stem system may be present, creating a streamlined profile.
Performance FocusAggressive geometry with a lower front end and shorter wheelbase for a more aerodynamic and nimble ride.

Ridley Noah Fast Rim Brake Frameset: Review

The Ridley Noad Fast Rim is exceptional in many terms. It’s a perfect frameset for riders who want the best. Let’s find out why.

Frame Construction

Frame Construction

The Ridley Noah Fast Rim Brake Frameset is a masterpiece of engineering, constructed from a lightweight and stiff carbon fiber composite material. This choice of material optimizes strength, stiffness, and aerodynamics, resulting in a frameset that is both responsive and efficient.

Carbon fiber construction ensures a balance of durability and lightness, enabling riders to soar with ease while maintaining the necessary strength for demanding road conditions.

With the Noah Fast frameset, you can expect a reliable and robust foundation that translates into impressive performance on the road.

Aerodynamic Design: Higher Speed with Less Effort

Aerodynamic design of ridley noah fast rim brake frameset

The design of the Ridley Noah Fast Rim Brake Frameset is a testament to its pursuit of speed. Every aspect of its frame geometry and tube shapes has been carefully engineered to minimize drag and enhance airflow around the bike.

Aero tube profiles, integrated seat posts, and hidden cable routing all contribute to the reduction of wind resistance. The result is a frameset that effortlessly cuts through the air, allowing you to maintain higher speeds with less effort.

Whether you’re battling headwinds or sprinting toward the finish line, the aerodynamic design of the Noah Fast frameset gives you a competitive edge.

Rim Brake Compatibility: Uncompromised Performance

ridley noah fast rim brake

In a world increasingly dominated by disc brakes, the Ridley Noah Fast Rim Brake Frameset stays true to its roots with its rim-brake compatibility.

Rim brakes use calipers to apply braking force directly to the wheel’s rim, offering reliable and efficient stopping power. While disc brakes have gained popularity, rim brakes still hold their ground as a trusted and traditional braking option for road bikes.

Although, Noah’s Fast Frameset’s compatibility with rim brakes ensures that riders can enjoy the benefits of this time-tested braking system without compromising on performance.

Integrated Features: High-performance Package

Integrated Features of ridley noah fast rim brake

Depending on the specific model, the Ridley Noah Fast Rim Brake Frameset may come with a range of integrated components or features designed to enhance its aerodynamic prowess.

These integrated features may include an integrated seat mast, a proprietary aero handlebar/stem system, or other aerodynamic enhancements that create a seamless and streamlined profile.

By integrating these components into the frameset, Ridley eliminates potential disruptions to the airflow, ensuring maximum efficiency and a sleek aesthetic.

These integrated features are a testament to Ridley’s commitment to delivering a cohesive and high-performance package.

Performance Focus

Performance Focus of Ridley Noah

The Noah Fast frameset is unapologetically focused on performance. Its geometry is optimized for speed and responsiveness, making it an ideal choice for riders who prioritize aerodynamics and efficiency.

Moreover, the frameset’s aggressive geometry, with a lower front end and shorter wheelbase, encourages a more aerodynamic riding position that minimizes drag.

This coupled with its stiffness and responsive handling, allows riders to unleash their full potential on the road.

Whether you’re chasing personal bests, competing in races, or simply seeking the thrill of high-speed riding, the Ridley Noah Fast Rim Brake Frameset is designed to elevate your performance.

Target Audience

Target Audience of ridley noah fast rim brake frameset

The Ridley Noah Fast Rim Brake Frameset is tailored for a specific target audience of passionate cyclists who crave speed and performance.

It appeals to competitive road racers and riders who thrive on fast-paced group rides.

If you’re someone who seeks an edge in aerodynamics, values a lightweight yet robust frame, and appreciates the precision of rim brakes, then the Noah Fast frameset is designed with you in mind.

It empowers riders who prioritize speed and efficiency, providing them with the tools to push their limits and achieve their cycling goals.

Real-life Scenarios

ridley noah fast rim brake frameset

Imagine yourself racing against the clock in a time trial, where every second counts. The frameset’s aerodynamic design and aggressive geometry cut through the wind, enabling you to maintain higher speeds with less effort.

Picture yourself confidently navigating through a peloton during a fast-paced group ride, seamlessly maneuvering with the responsive handling that the Noah Fast frameset offers.

Whether you’re striving for a personal best or dominating the competition, this frameset is your ticket to exhilarating and victorious moments on the road.


Not to mention, that Ridley Noah Fast Rim Brake Frameset embodies the essence of speed and performance.

Its lightweight carbon fiber construction, aerodynamic design, and integration of features make it a formidable choice for cyclists who crave the thrill of pushing their limits.

With its focus on efficiency and responsiveness, this frameset empowers riders to soar with confidence and chase their cycling aspirations.

Prepare to unlock your full potential and leave a trail of awe in your wake with the Ridley Noah Fast Rim Brake Frameset.

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