SRAM Update Red eTap 11 Speed Derailleurs

Posted by Clive de Sousa on 24th Sep 2020

SRAM Update Red eTap 11 Speed Derailleurs

SRAM Red eTap 11 Speed rim and disc groups have for the last few years been one of the top selling groups for good reason. Light, fast, easy to install and wonderfully reliable the 11 speed eTap makes perfect sense for high end custom builds. 

After moving to 12 speed eTap AXS the availability of the 11 speed became a concern and by middle late August we found we could source everything but the front and rear derailleurs.  With no communication from SRAM if felt like we were going to be saying goodbye to a venerable favorite until...

New 11 speed SRAM Red eTap Derailleurs surfaced as "coming soon to market" exactly how soon (today 9/22/2020) we don't know but we have assurance from a reliable source it's "really soon" 

Developed using the same tech as the AXS 12 speed derailleur but not cross compatible with AXS components these derailleurs will work with the 11 speed eTap shifters and drivetrains. 

These derailleurs have new features and an updated look but will not look out of place when used with the older SRAM Red eTap components. 

Right now we have complete details for the rear derailleur but expect the front to surface at any time part number FD-RED-E-A2 

SRAM Red eTap 11 Speed A2 Rear Derailleur

Model number for the rear RD-RED-E-A2 with a retail price of $649.   

SRAM describe the features as. 

  • SRAM eTap shift logic and wireless operation
  • Fits all 11-speed SRAM road cassettes up to 11-32t
  • 2x and 1x compatible
  • Updated version of the original SRAM RED eTap rear derailleur
  • Orbit chain management technology keeps drivetrain quiet and secure
  • Larger X-SYNC pulleys and ceramic bearings for increased durability and efficiency
  • Compatible with existing eTap batteries

Unlike the original Red eTap rear derailleur, this version comes in just a single pulley cage length that will accommodate cassette sprockets up to 33T. The same version also works with both single-chainring and dual-chainrings drivetrains. Carrying over are the same removable Li-ion rechargeable batteries