Shimano Is Buying Pioneer's Power Meters. Now What?

Posted by Alder Martz on 6th Feb 2020

Shimano Is Buying Pioneer's Power Meters. Now What?

Pioneer announced today that they will transfer their CycloSphere power meters and other cycling assets to Shimano. The news comes 6 years after the electronics giant entered the cycling world with a radical concept - a dual sided power meter.

Since then, Pioneer has passed their knowledge of precision technology in audio equipment to strain gauges, cranksets, and cycling computers. At the time, it seemed like an odd move and a side project, but their power meters have proved to be incredible.

Pioneer power meter reviews loved the unit’s accuracy, the rolling 12 points of power measurement each pedal revolution, and the independent power analysis of both legs. There’s so much data generated! And when that’s combined with Pioneer’s cycling computer, the SGX-CA600, users are able to get instant feedback on their pedaling stroke and pedaling efficiency through torque maps. Indeed, the Pioneer has become one of the most trusted and recognized power meters.

But don’t look away just yet!

Concurrent with this announcement, Pioneer also dropped the cost of their remaining power meters, pricing them similarly to Stages. And the best news? This is not just a going out of sale deal.

Even though Shimano’s takeover will happen on March 31st 2020, Pioneer and Shimano will continue to honor warranties, service products, provide product manuals, and host Cyclo-Sphere, the online data service. (Scroll down for a full FAQ.)

While Shimano hasn’t said much on what their Pioneer takeover will look like, we hope it will look like this:

All joking aside, Shimano’s one comment on the acquisition is that they will continue to support the Cycle-Sphere web service “until Shimano’s services are introduced.” This potentially indicates a Shimano data-analysis platform, which could mean a cycling computer. Why stop there? Perhaps, like Pioneer has done, Shimano will also offer single legged and Ultegra level options.

Pioneer’s FAQs

When will Shimano's web services and alternative Pioneer Products be released?

Pioneer cannot comment on Shimano's Web services or its future products. Please contact Shimano for further information.

How do I buy Pioneer cycle sports accessories in the future?

Current accessories can be purchased online at while supplies last.

What happens if my cycle product needs to be repaired?

Products within their warranty period will continue to be serviced and repaired by Pioneer based on the applicable product warranty.

Will Pioneer continue to repair cycle products that are out of warranty?

Yes, Pioneer will continue to service out of warranty products, for a fee.

Where should I direct Pioneer Cycle-Sports product and service inquiries in the future?

You can email us, or click below for Pioneer product service inquiries.

Can I continue to use my SGX-CA600 cycle computer as before?

Yes, there will be no functional changes to the SGX-CA600.

How long can I use CycloSphere?

Cyclo-Sphere will remain functional until Shimano launches its new web service, at which time subscribers will need to re-register for Shimano's web service.

Can I register a new account on Cyclo-Sphere?

Yes. Cyclo-Sphere will continue to accept all new accounts until Shimano launches its new web service, at which time subscribers will be directed to re-register with the Shimano service.

Can I still browse Pioneer Cycle Sports homepages and web content?

Yes, product manuals, guides, etc. will remain on the Pioneer USA website. Pioneer Cycle Sports promotional content, however, will be removed.

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